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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by witribe, May 12, 2010.

  1. witribe

    witribe New Member

    Has any one had experience with by Paul Ponna & Sid Ponna, is it realy workable and which one is better CPS or Maverick Money Maker, any input will be helpful, thank you
  2. Sahan Asad

    Sahan Asad Guest

    Don't get fooled by copy and paste system title.

    It's not about copying an exiting system and the $$$ rolls in.

    In fact from my experience of trying most products it never like that.

    It is a good product if you willing to learn and put the effort in.

    They give you books on how to do Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Forums, Building a List, Social Network and the entire possible Internet subject out there.

    As you can see you can get this information just by Google it or in forums.


    Sahan Asad
  3. carterstory

    carterstory New Member

    I am always weary of any system that says "set it and forget it" online or offline network marketing takes work.

    There enough people giving away training, and posting how-to's on blogs, and writing articles on how to market, but here's the simple facts. Do you want to spend time or money? Time = searching through google and learning everything yourself, money = spending the money and having the information right there in front of you.

    You also don't know what you don't know.. You may not know of a method for how to get more hits on your page by building backlinks, and you'll never learn it because you aren't aware that the method exists.

    I'd encourage people to take training to expand their business instead of jumping down the rabbit hole and hoping you took the right pill, and have the right pills with you.
  4. The copy paste system seems to be dissappointing a lot of people and many feel that it is not worth the money.

    Basics are left out especially how to apply to Affiliate Networks and how to get accepted.
  5. henrygooner

    henrygooner New Member

    Keep in mind that everybody will be copying and pasting the same thing. This guarantees that whatever campaigns they are promoting will lose its effectiveness.

    Copy and paste sound great but it is not workable for the long term.

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