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  1. anitahd

    anitahd New Member

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this or not since I am a total newbie but I have a question about CopynProfit. Does anyone know anything about this program? Is it for real? Can you really just buy this already made system and make money? If anyone knows, please tell me. Thanks,
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I found two threads about it on the Warrior Forum with mixed reviews. Some people claimed to have success with it, but others thought it was a waste of money and submitted refund requests.
  3. anitahd

    anitahd New Member

    Oh, good to know. I see you have the Wealthy Affiliate in your signature. Do you think that would be a good place for a newbie to start? I have been reading so much stuff that I am overwhelmed and I would like something that helps me go step by step. I have read Travis's bum marketing and looked at Potpiegirls squidoo info. They both helped but I feel like I need to actually buy something that is going to hold my hand and take me through it. I don't know, maybe I am asking too much. What do you think? Thanks for any help,
  4. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Hey Anita ~ Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to learn internet marketing. Both Pot Pie Girl and Travis from Bum Marketing are WA members, and both offer excellent insight in the WA forum. Wealthy Affiliate is very step by step oriented, and the support from Kyle and Carson plus the WA community are very helpful. I hope this helps! [​IMG]
  5. gridellas

    gridellas New Member

    You made a good decision to ask the forum about the company you are interested in. I personally have not heard of them but I would take the advice given. Some of the companies I know of that are step by step and recommendable are WA, My Online Income System, and One Week Marketing just to name a few. If you are interested in affiliate marketing you have many choices to choose from. Just make sure the programs are reputable before making a decision. Hope you find something you enjoy.
  6. zaphstar

    zaphstar Guest

    Hi guys,

    Saw this post and thought I'd give my feedback on the CopyNEarn system (

    Mine is as follows:

    I wasn't getting any results at the start, but this is when I signed up with my hosting provider I got a hold of a $150 Adwords voucher and got my first two sales through some (cheap) but highly effective keywords. ($86 received). I reinvested and expanded on some keywords and started to advertise on some PPC sites (neobux infact).

    I am now investing around $1k a month and earning around $400-500 USD/month.

    I am still debating if I should spend more on Adwords and my earnings increase rapidly or slowly or where I should stick to PPC traffic (as all users who are using PPC sites are looking for ways to earn money, thus highly targeted advertising)
  7. xeridox

    xeridox New Member

    I agree with gridellas, take the advice given.

    I use My Online Income System myself, and I love the 60-Day action plan they have. It's step-by-step, although I personally think they could have made it a bit smaller than 60 days, I got through it in about 3 weeks.

    Anyway, as it has been said, research before purchase.

    Hope that helps!
  8. OzSurveys

    OzSurveys New Member

    Yeah I have bought it.... its not a bad product, though I still haven't made any extra sales from it. They do have a list of 'successful' campaigns that you can just copy and paste. I have tried a couple without much success....but i haven't really put much work into it. I haven't asked for a refund becuse it comes with a tonne of good quality additional resources that have been really making me think about my business. Eg how to outsource alot of my SEO work.

    So I won't be asking for my money back... but like all things in life you need to put some work and effort into it to make it work! There more effort involved then just copying and pasting.
  9. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    I bought Copy N Profit and it gives you good keywords, ads and the prices to bid on each ad BUT if a lot of people are using the same keywords, ads, and bids, then there is not enough room for everyone to make money.

    I got a refund on the product.
  10. anitahd

    anitahd New Member

    Thanks for the info, that's kinda what I thought it would be.
  11. jaesun16

    jaesun16 New Member

    Yes, There is nothing you can earn free in this world[​IMG]

    I have researched about Copy n profit before...

    Yes, Just copy and paste, campaigns... I heard there are 4

    catagories campaigs you can promote. what they are telling you is

    slightly change and post it. Due to avoid same keywords and same

    advertisement from other members...

    And niche marketing as well..

    As a matter fact, I chose My online income system(MOIS) over copy

    n profit. Because their step by step action play will teach you, not

    telling you easy and, less work to make big money, about starting

    online business. ![​IMG]

    And even teach you both Free way to make the money, and with

    little investment to make money.

    You bet, MOIS is over Copy n profit.. but, I am not saying Copy n

    profit is bad~~ Just let you know which way you want to choose,

    Easy, and fast way~ or Very precise, and step by step way~

    Hope this helps you guy~

    Happy day~[​IMG]
  12. jnoa

    jnoa New Member

    Hi Anita,

    I'm not much of an expert on affiliate marketing, I'm also starting out. I'm taking the 30 day challenge (thirtydaychallenge) and although I haven't made money it has really help me understand more about affiliate marketing and the best thing is its free and shows step by step how to start your own internet business. I really recommend you check it out.
  13. redsadie

    redsadie New Member

    I keep getting emails about this and my thoughts are, how are you going to grow and continue to grow with your online presence if you just copy and don't actually learn anything?

    How can you progress? It's just like school, if you copy, you won't get past your exams and where are you then?

    Just my 2c [​IMG]

  14. rwbovee

    rwbovee New Member

    Copy N Profit is a pretty good product. They often use a separate ad for each keyword. I think it's solid but it can get oversaturated on some search engines.
  15. anitahd

    anitahd New Member

    I ended up getting MOIS and OWM and have no regrets. Even though I haven't made any sales I have 2 squidoo lenses that are PR2 now. I am learning slowly. I still don't have that keyword thing down yet. Still trying with that. Thanks everyone for all the input.
  16. Jon Squirrel

    Jon Squirrel New Member

    I struggled to figure out what 'OWM' stood for! (it is 3am - that's my excuse anyway) so just in case anyone else is struggling it stands for 'One Week Marketing'.

    Looks quite good according to the sales page.

    Anitahd - how would you compare MOIS & OWM? Are you using one more than the other?

    I used (and still use) MOIS but am curious to know how much more could be gained from OWM...?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. redsadie

    redsadie New Member

    Hi Jon

    I got OWM too and am just going through the 'conversation with Nick', That said, I WAS going through it until I hade to download Winzip and now all my files are so messed up I'm having a real hard time finding things again. I'm a bit of a neat freak everything in it's place an' all, so it's really annoying to not be able to find it!

    It is good so far and well worth the money. xx
  18. anitahd

    anitahd New Member

    Hi Jon, I think MOIS takes you from the total newbie and gives you the steps to learn to walk. OWM picks up from there and takes you to the places you need to go. I think they are 2 totally different programs and one is a helper to the other. It is well worth it to have them both. Good luck to you.
  19. jenniesweetie

    jenniesweetie New Member

    anitahd: Hi Jon, I think MOIS takes you from the total newbie and gives you the steps to learn to walk. [​IMG]

    OWM picks up from there and takes you to the places you need to go.

    I think they are 2 totally different programs and one is a helper to the other. It is well worth it to have them both. Good luck to you.
    Most GREAT IM products are GREAT for beginners , GOOD for intermediate...and RUBBISH for experts [​IMG]

    Which level are you in?

    Anyway, CopyNProfit is good if you need step by step and actual visual on how to execute step by step...

    But the videos are not of the best quality..

    Overall I give it a A- rating...good if you are still lacking a marketing system for now
  20. shmeeko69

    shmeeko69 Member

    Hi There

    After careful consideration, I decided not to purchase this product, which had been getting passed around by the marketing folk a couple of months ago. It looked like recycled stuff & I did'nt really find it appealing & it looked quite cheesy !Another $60/??40 add on product, which I probably would'nt require. Maybe it's ok for a newbie, but that's about it.


    Mark [​IMG]

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