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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by turbopugsleylx, May 7, 2008.

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    Hey Guys I think this would be an appropriate post to be tagged so it can be referenced in the future....

    I posted some ads on craigslist and apparently all of them got ghosted...I got all the publish link emails but after 20 mins none of the cities I posted in had posted any of my ads yet...kinda irritating...

    So I need help with this and someone who can help me troubleshoot what I did bad...

    So heres some questions:

    How many posts should I do per email address to avoid problems? (is this question a moot point if I post unsimilar ads(meaning they don't get flagged immediatlely as a similar post?)

    How many ads should I allow before I switch over my IP address?

    How many ads should I post per city with the same IP address?

    All of my ads where the same template that I adjusted the words in the title using similar subtitutes...same with the description

    Also when I post an embedded "click here" link thats attached to a URL can the craigslist bots even read that embedded link if it isn't the link posted in plain text letters?

    I also used many extras like scrambled letters or numbers but apprently they didn't work...

    Please help em and others with this and be as detailed and descriptive as you can will be a great help to me and others!

    Thanks again
  2. mountainmom5

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    Hi Chris,
    I don't consider myself the expert on Craigslist but I can share what I have found so far...

    Only post about 3-5 ads a day and have them read differently. I tried using two different emails one day and spent some time posting about a dozen ads between the two - they were all in different cities and all read differently but most of them got flagged so I went back to just posting about 3 ads a day and then I'm fine.

    I am sure there are a lot of tricks about it all, that I have yet to discover as I never had much success with Craigslist - I'd rather write an article a day that draws targeted traffic to my site...[​IMG]

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