Craigslist Posting Suggestions Anyone?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by MyFreedom, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. MyFreedom

    MyFreedom New Member

    I just started posting a couple ads on Craigslist and have noticed quite a bit more traffic to my website. I noticed that when I post in certain areas on Craigslist my ad eventually gets flagged. Any suggestions as to where I should be posting or how to avoid my ad from getting flagged? ANY Suggestions Would Be Greatly Appreciated!![​IMG]
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    In the services section, ads are less likely to be flagged.
  3. kelly wood

    kelly wood New Member

    It depends on what your advertisment says. If you offering a business in a box you could get away with business's for sale but if you are offering something more like an ebook on how advertising then I would say services is a better way to go. sometimes though it doesn't matter where you post cause people love to red flag for some reason. So if you feel it is in the right place just repost.
    Good luck
  4. glitch00

    glitch00 New Member

    Try to use the vFlyer service. It allows you to post some beautiful templates for Craiglists ads. Beautiful ads will I guess let people think twice about flagging it.
  5. LadyJake

    LadyJake New Member

    Hi glitch00, can you please explain what a 'vFlyer service' is?
  6. glitch00

    glitch00 New Member

    Hi LadyJake. [​IMG]

    Whew, vFlyer is down for maintenance, so you can check out the site later.

    It's a service that allows you to choose from a variety of templates to make your ads look better. It also supports auto submission to some sites like backpage, Google base, and a couple of other places. It doesn't submit to Craigslist automatically, but it provides HTML code that you can copy paste for your "vFlyer" to post on Craigslist. Free accounts can make 5 vFlyers and I think you can use the code on classified ad sites that support HTML code.

    I'll message you an example. [​IMG]
  7. MyFreedom

    MyFreedom New Member

    Thanks for your replies. I will have to check out vFlyer. Has anyone had any success with posting ads on Craigslist? I notice that when I post an ad on Craigslist I get about 30-40 people that actually click on my ad to view what I am all about. That must mean that quite a few actually see the ad, because not everyone will click on my link! It's amazing how much exposure one free ad can give!
  8. LadyJake

    LadyJake New Member

    Hi MyFreedom, I haven't tried posting on Craigslist as they prohibit advertising any type of MLM, Networking, etc., opportunities. I know that there are now some organizations that claim to have ways to post, I may take a look at what they have to offer. When you post (and I did take a look at your site--very nice) how are you wording your ads, if I may ask? Thanks
  9. mmoody

    mmoody New Member

    I know the feeling of being flagged on craigslist. I too, am learning how to post ads there.

    I did get a person sign up their email from that posting, before it was flagged.

    I reposted but I keep getting flagged. I'm going to work on different ads to post there...I'll keep you posted on my progress.
  10. bdeluna

    bdeluna New Member

    Hi Jenny and everyone else who have replied! I do alot of postings on craigslist every day and very rarely get flagged. You have to have an account (or several) and make sure you change your ip address ever so often...especially if you are posting lots of ads. I post ads for services, musicians and real estate for local entrepreneurs and have learned quite a bit of the ins and outs of cl since I'm on there every day. Vflyers are getting flagged more often and you will get flagged if you have too much html. I'll be happy to help answer any other questions.
  11. drawnear

    drawnear New Member

    I have also been trying to post on craigslist and had the accounts I had opened shut down. I can now only post if I go to starbucks so IP is different and clear cookies and have 5 different email addy's. I did get a lot of leads and opt ins from CL but it is getting harder and harder. Thanks on the V-Flyer that is an awesome tool. I just sent out my first one....I still do CL but just a few posts from time to time when I work at Stbucks. It is sad because it is a good place for getting leads. I never did the blanket CL with ads I think the most I ever did in one day was 10. Learn a lot in this biz eh? I am fairly new in this forum but have learned so much....thnx
  12. timhale

    timhale New Member

    Try to also be a "valuable" contributor to CL...people/admin may be less stringent on your ads if you're contributing real value to the discussion.

    This way, you can build rapport with people, but also get your marketing done...

    Just a thought...

  13. s85234

    s85234 New Member

    Posting to Craigslist...
    If you are marketing a business opportunity - you can post in the "Services" section under "Small Biz Ads". This section is specifically for business opportunities and your ads will NOT get flagged.
    I post there everyday with a link back to my splash page - and never get flagged.
    Good luck!
  14. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I too post in Small Biz occasionally. I sometimes get people soliciting my email from the posting offering me opportunities. Is this common?

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Some good tips. I like this forum too.
  16. ortho

    ortho New Member

    There is two problem
    1- U have to delete your cookies (Download 'Ccleaner' to delet cookies)
    2- You can not post too many adds from you IP if you post too many adds it will be Flagged.....

    (I am a Craigslist poster that's why i know this things)
  17. TyBrown

    TyBrown New Member

    bdeluna- what do you charge for craigslist posting?
  18. EZFreeBees

    EZFreeBees New Member

    timhale: Try to also be a "valuable" contributor to CL...people/admin may be less stringent on your ads if you're contributing real value to the discussion.

    This way, you can build rapport with people, but also get your marketing done...

    Just a thought...

    Unfortunately, doing this has no impact on your ad getting flagged or not. 99.99999~ percent of the time, it is a user flagging your ad - not anyone in the Craigslist Staff.

    The best way: Make sure it looks like a real post - Have unique content on each post you make to CL. Every time you post, use a different e-mail and a different IP Address. If you have an Air Card for your laptop, it is easy - or you can use a Dialup Service - or find a proxy that is not bblacklisted by CL.

    I post nearly 300 ads a day in Craigslist, and about 80% of them stick for over a week.
  19. wkathome

    wkathome New Member

    With CL's new rule of having a phone number associated with your email address, how are you getting around that? This only allows you 3 post per email address doing it this way. The number is required for posting in sm buz ads group only, not for everything.

    CL is the best, I have tried duplicate sites, and it's just a bust even though they claim big numbers.
  20. Brandilu

    Brandilu New Member

    I use Craigslist alot. I try to fly under the radar as much as I can. However, I still get flagged now and then. I just back off and come back in a little later.

    I must say, though, using Craigslist as a main way to get traffic gets quite tiresome after a while. I use SBI! to brainstorm keywords and write lots of pages that based on keywords people are looking for. This gets me free search engine traffic and over time, makes it so I don't have to post Craigslist ads anymore. [​IMG]

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