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Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by dbmoney306, Mar 17, 2010.

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    I have been working on a web based business idea for a couple of months. I am sure that I could successfully market the business, I am just not sure how expensive the web development and upkeep would be so I am looking for help if there are any experienced web developers here.

    My website would be a subscription based community website speceific to my industry.

    I want the website to include-

    -Educational articles to help industry proffessionals develop a web presence and market themselves online and traditionally (I will write these articles)
    -A forum for profeesionals to interact and shre ideas
    -Different membership types (I would like to allow for individual members as well as groups that would consist of 20ish individuals. Group members would be able to see private information posted by group administrator.
    -Members would be included in a web directory marketed to consumers. Members would be encouraged to submit articles and participate in a forum marketed to consumers.

    The major component of my business would be to allow my members to "create their own website". This can be a very simple site, I would like for a member to be able to choose from 3-5 templates and edit their text on 3 pages so that they can easily have a web presence without having to learn how to design a site. All my members would have to do is select a template and type the text they want on their home page, specials/deals page and contact page. I would also like members to be able to purchase a domain name through my site and have that domain point to the site they create.

    Obviously this is a pretty complex site. I think most of it could be developed using Drupal, but the webpage creator portion may be tougher.

    I am looking for a developer that could give me an idea of what this type of site would cost to develop or maintain. Also i would be interested in finding a talented developer that would be interested in creating and maintaining this site in exchange for a piece of the business. I believe that I have the ability to market this site to enough users to make it extremely profitable, but it all depends on deveopment and maintenance costs.

    Any input? Questions etc?
  2. carterstory

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    The first 3 are pretty easy with almost any host that gives you access to a PHP installer (you had mentioend drupal), there are installers for most.

    The quick and dirty for the web creator would be to purchase a reseller acct from a host and then use the billing software (phpcoin etc) to implement the backend of giving users their own webspace. Most hosts now have some kind of site creator. If you are looking for 3-4 pages of content per user you could do quite a few people at 100MB and 1GB of bandwith /month on a reseller plan you can get quite a few pages out of it (No affiliation other than I use for my hosting) has a reseller plan for ~20/month that gets you 25GB of space and 250GB of bandwith (so you could do 250 pages on that plan). The Back end billing software will alow you to either have them added as a userpage ( or they can bring their own domain, or you can even force them to buy one from you in the registration.

    you could charge them a 1 time fee of X, or a subscription based fee, for access to the pages.

    (Just some thougths on a quick n dirty way to do it without a ton of developer time / money)

  3. alexishost

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    Maintenance cost
    It can be vary

    HOsting cost:
    It can be under 30/mo

    Designer or developer cost can be under 2000$

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