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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by robinincarolina, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    This is a clickbank product, affiliate training program I believe. I remember getting an email, one of soooo many, talking about it. I don't remember who sent it to me, I have signed up for so much free information. I do remember it was someone I "think" I can trust.

    That being said how do you know who you can trust? I get emails from Frank Kern, Pot Pie girl, Travis at Bum Marketing. Do these people promote for the sake of making money or do they really believe in what they promote and know it works?

    Back to my original question though. Does anyone know anything about this product. I am wanting to invest in something that will teach me something and this is long overdue. I am ready to take this bum marketing to the next level.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I honestly believe they are promoting stuff that they know will help us but I am like you... I get so tired of the constant emails about new tools and programs.

    I googled the mass money makers and the one thing I happened to open up was a suspended link..... I didn't search further.

    I found a few marketers that I really like and opted out of the rest or simply don't open their emails. One person I have learned a lot from for free because of the webinars and free info he sends out is Matt Carter, so I do listen to most of his stuff as we can constantly learn simple tips that can help us get over hurdles.

    It think his blog is mattsmarketingblog dot com and no it is not an affiliate program. [​IMG]

    I signed up for his free 12 part coaching series and learned as much from it as I have from many paid things I have gotten over the years.
  3. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    I am a little more cynical in that most of the CB Products for home business I have bought Sucked. The guys that promote them are in it for the money. Once you have the LIST then you can make Bank more often than Not.

    If your brand new then some of them work, in that you learn a few basics about how to get going.

    There is no $37 a month solution. You need to educate yourself about article marketing and backlink building. Building your list is also very important.

    On Mass Money Makers. apparently there are 6 Upsells that cost between $37 and $297 each. There has been some problems with the videos but they are apparently fixed now. Very Mixed reaction from what I can see.

    Good luck
  4. bhuff85

    bhuff85 New Member

    Mass Money Makers (from what I've heard) is junk. Just another rehashed product that isn't up to par on quality.

    Too many "make money online products" have come out these last few months that are basic variations of simple tools that many people already use. Your money problems won't be solved with a cheap MMO product.

    Another red flag (and extreme annoyance) - exit pop-ups. I think this had like 8 of them when I tried to leave the page. That immediately gets a "no chance" from me.
  5. wrlawrence

    wrlawrence New Member

    I have not found anything that promises quick riches with little effort be nothing more than a scam.

    Building any e-business working from home takes work and time if its a true business opportunity. Just make sure you have found the right system and tools. I found the key statement in any promo is when they tell you up front this is not get rich quik and well require time and effort for you success.
  6. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Thank you for your replies. I have decided against the program. I am earning a consistent income, but am searching I suppose for tools to help me progress a bit faster than I am. For now, I am just doing what I have been doing and still seeing an increase every week, I guess I am just getting impatient.
  7. newbiz02

    newbiz02 New Member

    This product really made me smile because of how these guys totally hyped it up, bottom line it converted like crazy breaking records on clickbank. [​IMG]

    If im not mistaken it hit 1000 gravity within its first week and continued to rise. Right now its sitting at a hefty 1350 because the sales pitch was genius and all the gurus like Frank Kern, Pot Pie girl, Travis, and just about every other marketer with an email list flooded their list with this product.

    A job well done, but the product was not for me an experienced marketer so i didnt buy it. As i confirmed from some friends there was nothing in it that we didn't already know.

    The methods can surely help IM newbies though, this product targeted them, and they bought. The refund rate was significant but seriously when you got a product with 1350 gravity theres really nothing to worry about [​IMG]
  8. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    mountainmom5: I honestly believe they are promoting stuff that they know will help us but I am like you... I get so tired of the constant emails about new tools and programs.

    For real for REAL!
    It seems like "free" means - join my list.

    mountainmom5: I found a few marketers that I really like and opted out of the rest or simply don't open their emails.
    That's the problem.
    EVERYONE is building a list!
    I have gotten to the point that I just don't sign up for anything.
    There are plenty of sites out there, for one, that have EVERY product imaginable.
    Resale, master, and all other rights included.
    You can even just join up for a while and download what you like.

    At this point, there's really nothing new under the IM list building sun!
    (Not to hear your neighborhood IM list builder tell it though!)

    robinincarolina: Back to my original question though. Does anyone know anything about this product.
    My suggestion is that you simply buy the damn thing and check it out for yourself!
    There's a 60 day guarantee after all.

    You can then share your experiences with others, who will also share their experiences with you.

    There's good stuff out there as well as junk.
    Some stuff is good for some people, but not for others.

    Your personal experience level plays a major role as well.
  9. loganquinn

    loganquinn New Member

    All these so-called "Gurus" - Frank Kern and so on - are nothing more than "Sheeps in Wolves Clothing". They DO NOT care about you or your success. All they care about is getting more and more people on their list so they can sell more and more of their rehashed junk.

    My advice: Get off every damn "Guru" list you're on and start getting out there YOURSELF to see what works and what doesn't.

    The truth is, there are plenty of little known online money making strategies out there, you just have to know where to find them. And it's not hard - it's all about joining forums like this and talking to people who are actually making a full time income online.

    In my experience, truly successful internet marketers have no problem sharing their experiences. In fact, the average successful IM'er I talk to JUST DOESN'T SHUT UP about what they do.

    The "Gurus" make me sick. They just want your money. Don't get sucked in by their crap.


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