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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by SenaMom, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. SenaMom

    SenaMom New Member


    I just got my welcome email and getting ready to fax all my docs but I can not access the Tax Form.. when I click the link it says "this page can not be displayed" I tried to delete cookies and clear my history and I keep getting this error message..this is the only form I can not access.... did this happen to anyone else?

  2. Nikkbunny

    Nikkbunny New Member

    Are you using Internet Explorer or Firefox? I got that message when i tried filling mine out while I was using Firefox. If that's not the problem I would just fax them a letter stating that you have been unable to access the tax form when you fax your other documents.
  3. SenaMom

    SenaMom New Member

    I am using Explorer, I will let them know.. Thank you so much for replying.. I am new to this site !!

  4. shamrock

    shamrock New Member

    You can also print out the tax form at . Search of w-2. Just include a note stating the w-2 is from the irs and not the one provided by west.
  5. SenaMom

    SenaMom New Member

    Thank you, they responded and I did got to and it was was a W4 form.

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