customer referral program = multi level marketing?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by addy7two, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. addy7two

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    I am Adrian from Malaysia, a friend of mine shared with me about this business at was wondering is it the same a MLM.

    We argued a lot on this customer referral program. It used something like a binary pattern. He claimed is not MLM. Because this is just one time purchase, no need to maintain any more purchases. All I need to do is refer to another person and if he/she purchase the product I will be paid USD42 per person.

    is this MLM? He really is persistent, but I can see something about this business that is interesting to me
  2. beckie1229

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    Addy, can you give a little more information please? Can't really make a judgement w/o more details or a website to go to. thanks
  3. addy7two

    addy7two New Member
  4. ezabel

    ezabel New Member for me, once u interested somewhere, in the plan or products...jst carry on...why u still want to know its MLM or not...its true what ur friend shared with is CRP way and binary concept.I know what ur friend sharing about...
  5. johnjimat

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    in fact it is MLM...

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