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  1. Desiree2185

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    Hi, i new here(actually found it goggling other things) and was just curious had anyone done this or known anyone who has??

    Im a SAHM mom to DD almost 21months and would love to be able to be home with her till pre-k time..

    Saw that this program was #1 of 3 that arent scams.

    So just wanting more info if anyone has any..


    Thanks in advance

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  2. mountainmom5

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    It appears to be a program to help you learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

    As with all of these programs,and there are many great ones out there... your success hinges on how well you follow their training and whether or not you can stick it out until the money starts coming in.[​IMG]
  3. robinincarolina

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    Just be aware that a lot of times these people advertise that way. They are promoting 3 things so they create a website that makes it appear that they have tried all these programs and have come up with the top 3. That does not mean they are the top 3. I learned this the hard way. Hopefully that is not the case with you. The websites look very proffesional.

    I looked it up and it is a lot of hype, but it made me want to check it out as well. Keep me posted. Hang out here and see what everyone else thinks. They know way more than I do. I just know what has happened to me.
  4. dmarse

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    I checked into this and was very disappointed. I set up a website, domain, and web support for about $300 only to find out that in order to make it work I would have to pay an additional $5000 - $9000. This was clearly an example of putting the cart before the horse. I'm out $300 because since I won't pay that money I am having a difficult time talking to anyone that will help me get some of my money back. A scam.
  5. wahguy

    wahguy New Member

    This design of the sales page is very similar to that of other courses.
    My guess is they're probably by the same creator and the author
    you see on the sales copy is only a fictional character made up to
    create false competition.

    For instance, the 3 courses mentioned above that allegedly aren't
    scams may indeed be from the same creator. Out of the 3 courses,
    it won't matter which one you buy as long as you buy one.

    I can probably tell you for a fact that Instant Profit Package and
    Home Cash Course are by the same guy. The two authors on the
    sales page are made up. The testimonies are also made up. The
    pictures of people are just stock photos. Anyone can buy rights to
    use these photos at sites that sells rights to stock photos. This is
    also in the fine print at the bottom.

    The training is very basic...

    - Get Free Website (expensive hosting - how they get you)
    - Get Your Traffic (affiliate link)
    - Business Entities
    - Organization Tips
    - Creating Business Brand
    - Goal Setting
    - Time Management
    - Submit to Organic Search Engines
    - Submit to Dmoz.org
    - Intro to Vertical Portal
    - Submitting to Vertical Portals
    - Blog Commenting
    - Classified Marketing
    - Article Marketing
    - Using Blogs
    - Sequence Marketing
    - Intro to Viral Marketing
    - Pay Per Click Marketing Intro
    - PPC Budget
    - Setting Up Google Adwords
    - Creating an Adwords Campaign
    - Adword Quality Score

    That's it. Each topic has a short presentation video (about 5
    minutes long) and that's about it. Don't expect any great
    or detailed.

    You're better off going with something that offers a plan that you
    could follow and has a lot of positive feedback from real users.

    Perhaps something like....
    My Online Income System
  6. robinincarolina

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