Deadbeat Super Affiliate vs. Google Sniper, anyone have an opioion?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by TFranklin, May 5, 2011.

  1. TFranklin

    TFranklin New Member

    I wanted to learn a little more about product marketing, so I started doing some research. I found a couple of different programs out there that seemed to have some pretty decent reviews.

    Dan Brock's Deadbeat Super Affiliate and Google Sniper 2.0. Both of these programs seem to focus on building several mini-sites that sell. They both claim to show you how to build these site's in such a way that it provides optimal conversion. They also include techniques to drive free traffic, and dominate the search engines.

    Does anyone have an opinion, which is better?

  2. Ros G

    Ros G New Member

    While I do not have access to Deadbeat Super Affiliate, I have and do use Google Sniper 2.0. It seems that the systems are similar but DSA concentrates on a physical product to promote (through Amazon) whereas GS 2.0 focuses on digital products and in this case the content of your website provides a 'solution' to someone's problem. GS 2 goes on to teaching you to promote your own product too.

    The only really important difference I can pin-point is that the % commission earned on Amazon is much less than from Clickbank-type digital sales so you would either have to sell more or choose a high-value physical product.

    That's my two pennyworth and I can't actually say that one is better than the other, just different. Both creators have very good track records too so I guess you would be getting good, detailed instruction from either.
  3. JackDProvost

    JackDProvost New Member

    Personally I am not having any success with clickbank. Google Adsense is paying me and until I get some capitol to invest into earning with clickbank I will just stick with my adsense. Sorry I do not have a better opinion on the 2 products for you [​IMG]
  4. rosebud

    rosebud New Member

    I have not personally bought either course but I would advise caution, purely because I'm not sure that these micro/mini sites are so easy to rank in Google these days.

    I know of several people who have actually been de-indexed and they believe that it was because their sites only had one or two pages and were obviously built as affiliate sites.

    Since the Google Panda update, I believe that Google is favoring authority sites. So, rather than building several one page sites, you might be better off building one larger site that provides really good information for the visitor.

    I wish you success.
  5. Ros G

    Ros G New Member

    Yes, I agree that Google favors authority sites but it's all about exact keyword phrase, choice of domain name and good, useful content for the searcher. Of course, if the site's full of blatant affilate ads and is just poor quality, that's just a waste of your effort and could result in being de-indexed.

    I think there's still room for small sites - you can see them everywhere - and it does take an awfully long time to build an authority site.

    Perhaps a good idea to try and do both, if you've got the time![​IMG]
  6. Ronin

    Ronin New Member

    I use both programs and have had success developing both sites that sell physical and digital products. Ros G (post #2) is correct in describing the real difference between the two systems. No one can guarantee your success as your level of skill, dedication and unknown. Both these systems work, but you'll have to put in the effort when it comes to keyword research and SEO.
  7. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Google sniper pretty much shows you how to build mini review sites and how to get those sites on the first page of Google.

    You will basically learn how to write a review for any of the products online and on places like Clickbank. Then when your site gets ranked and people search for it and come to your site and read your review, they might buy from your link.

    I have a good number of reviews out there online and make some sales here and there.

    If you do join any of these programs, I suggest that you burn your ships and never give up. If you take the action that you need to take, you will do well. It may not happen in your first few weeks but you will succeed.

    Hope you do well in what program you decide to join.

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