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    I tried Deeds4dollars. I have alot of experience in real estate and this program is not that good. He leaves out way too much,so unless you are experienced stay away and even then I would say stay away. It is a high powered sales deal,they try to power you into buying more help which should have been included to start with. It is also difficult to get your money back if you want to.
    A comment to all out there; the current downturn in real estate was not needed as some dim minds state,it was not expected,it does not even make sense when you consider the cost of things. Yes it is real and yes it happened but it is all because of the credit markets and our govt spending so much overseas not because of overpricing(except for very very few places) nor real value that needed to be adjusted. Face it... gas costs more as well as food and of course building materials and labor so why should a home sell for less????? It should not. When it turns around alot of people will be left in the dust who did not make their move now.
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