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  1. robertarcter

    robertarcter New Member


    Has anyone tried / dealt with Deeds4profits or another Benjamin Bergin real estate program?

    It appears to be another Carlton Sheets gig, but am looking for feedback to confirm or negate my assumption.

  2. gravell69

    gravell69 New Member

    Robert, if you are looking at bidding on Deeds. Check out Bid4assets, you don't need a real estate program to do this, the site is very informative and you can do it online. Just make sure you do your homework and actually see what you are bidding on. If you take short-cuts you will not do well.
  3. robertarcter

    robertarcter New Member

    Thanks, GRAVELL69!
    Will do.

  4. gravell69

    gravell69 New Member

    You're Welcome Robert, you will be able to bid on tax liens and tax deeds. You should get familiar with the difference between the two and also the differnce from state to state. Some states are Tax Deed states and some are Tax Lien states, and still others are Hybrid states. Just be very careful what you Bid on. Good Luck!!!

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