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    Goals are specific achievements that you may want to accomplish over time. These goals are small watershed events in the course of ultimately realizing your dreams. The goals could be of any kind. They could pertain to visiting certain places, meeting certain people, finding the love of your life, owning a car, earning a specific income or having experiences that you have not yet had. The number of goals that you can set for yourself can be limitless and can cover all the areas mentioned above. But the key thing to note is that each and every goal that you chose for yourself should be SMART.

    SMART means Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable and Time oriented. This means that the objectives need to be elaborated in a manner that allows you to review them from time to time and assess yourself in terms of your success rate. It also indicates that each goal should have a time limit attached to it and one should not strive to achieve a single goal endlessly. The other important aspect of defining goals is that they need to be realistic and doable. If a goal involves too much of a stretch, they tend to de-motivate. At the same time easy targets do not excite or pump in adrenalin.

    The difference that clearly stating your goals to yourself makes can be assessed by a study that was conducted among university students who had passed graduated 10 years back. When asked about how they felt they were achieving their goals, it was discovered that a whopping 83 percent had not defined any goal. Their pursuits were directionless and therefore mundane. Sure, they were working professionals but what they were achieving was merely keeping busy and earning their daily bread! Of the remaining, another 14 percent had goals but these were not written and were stored in the memories of the professionals. Only three percent of the graduates had written down their goals to review as they progressed in the walk of life.

    Now figure this, those that had mental goals were earning three times more than the ones who had not set specific goals. And those who had written down their goals were earning a ten times of what the 'no goals' group was. Is not the need to define your goals now obvious and are you not now convinced to start now and write down what you want, if you already have not done so.

    Be careful while elaborating these goals and avoid any kind of expectations that you may form in your mind while dreaming of the achievements that you would like to gather as you go along. Don't expect that these goals shall fall in your lap because you deserve to achieve success. Any kind of an expectation shall only let you down and cause pain. So create goals and let go of any expectations that you may have. On the contrary, understand the no one deserves anything from birth and it is continuous planning and control that leads you to achieve what you want.
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    Hi Vishal,

    Excellent post.
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    Hello Vishal,

    I love the post! I totally agree with all of it [​IMG]

    When I was writing down my goals when I started working from home I broke it down a little. That really helped me out because I could see where I was making progress toward a big goal. For instance, one of my major goals was to be able to quit my 'job' and work from home full time. So, on my paper I listed it like this:

    Quit my 'job':

    Take the kids to the park more
    Cook good meals at home (we ate a lot of takeout!)
    Go to the gym
    Take the kids to reading time at the library
    Get a suntan
    Sleep past 5am

    Anyway, you get the idea. Doing that really helped me realize that I was making it to my major goal. I got to check off most of the things on my list before I actually quit because I was able to work less hours at the 'job'. Sometimes the little things really do make a big difference!

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    Very inspirational. Thanks! [​IMG]
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    I like the acronym for SMART.
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    Your post is excellent.

    Before i started my business, I have a goal defined.
    Then i will start researching for the business opportunity.
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    I liked your post.

    My goal is to be able to quit my J-O-B which I plan to do in six months or sooner because of my home business.

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    Goal really separate the achievers from the daydreamers.

    One more thing I would add is this:

    Your goals should involve measuring factors which you control. That is, as a home business owner, you can control how many ads your place. You cannot control the results.

    You can control how many phone calls you place. You cannot control the results.

    Many people become frustrated when they don't achieve their goals. But, they were never in control of the factors there measured in the first place.

    So, measure factors you control, not factors controlled by others.
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    My goal is to make money. Is that too general? Haha, j/k.... [​IMG]
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    If you believe you can do it, become a success with anything you desire you most certainly will.[​IMG]

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