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  1. dominoe239

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    What demographics have you found works best for you? Im interested in marketing to people who want to earn money online like me (pretty much one of those buy the same web site ur reading type deals). What age/gender/ income/ interests do you guys think ill have the best chance advertising to?
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Business opportunities work for people who are slightly older and have money to invest
  3. griffiths

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    I must agree and also disagree with pcwork.

    home based business opportunities can be marketed to many different people. Yes, the older and stable age group is a good one, but what about the stay at home moms wanting to do more with their lives? What about the general workforce who are sick of making their bosses rich? What about the young and energetic youth who are not afraid of putting it all on the line? I am only 23 years old and I run my own home based business!

    Those between 18-30 are a great market. I say that because:
    1. they have a credit card
    2. more disposable income
    3. if they (we) see something we like...we want it yesterday! (more impulsive buyers)
    4. Not as many commitments or responsibilities (until you get married, have a family, mortgage etc...)
    5. The younger generation spends more time on the internet (better for a internet based business)

    get my point?

    I am just finishing up college and I am beginning to see no need to go work my life away for someone else! I am doing quite well working for myself!

    Like i just read on another post, "I would recommend that you think about what you enjoy doing and find a way to make money from it."


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