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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by moneymakerster, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. moneymakerster

    moneymakerster New Member

    Hi all

    I'm succeed with Diamond Cash Club which I never experience previously in mlm. Have you heard this program? You guys are welcome to post your opinion about his program. I really appreciate your opinion.

    Thanks. Have a nice day

  2. jmspringbok

    jmspringbok New Member

    I am also succeeding in Diammond Cash Club. I have cycled through the sapphire target and am sitting smack in the middle of the diamond target. When I cycle I will earn $8000 and a $6000 diamond. This program is brand new and is really moving along. I highly recommend it. I am a part of a team that is helping people find their two referrals. They also have a feeder program and a coop program. This program is incredible and I encourage people to get involved. Jmspringbok
  3. marie1439

    marie1439 New Member

    Diamond Cash Club is awesome! I just got started but from reading all the forum posts I can tell there is a great team effort going on.
  4. Jaide

    Jaide New Member

    DCC TeamBuild is an excellent way to get involved in Diamond Cash Club.

    If you can not afford a full position you should be sure a check out the feeders. We are the official feeder program for Diamond Cash Club and truly a great bargain with a huge team effort to help out.

  5. clendon

    clendon New Member

    When you are looking at MLM programs - Make sure it is paying. Don't be a guinea pig.

    I will say that the Diamond Cash Club is paying and at least 8 members have earned their diamond level commission of $8000.

    If you are still looking for a good program - check it out
  6. clendon

    clendon New Member

    For those of you not familiar with the DCC program, you might want to give it a close look. The program has benn around for about 2 months and it is paying. At least 11 members to-date have cycled all the way through the Diamond Target and have received their $8000.

    It is refreshing to see a program actually do what it says it is going to do.
  7. kemim

    kemim New Member

    Hi, i just joined DCC team. My downline registered three people this week, the payment receipt number was given but this three downlines did not appear on the board and cannot log on. I have written to help desk but i have not gotten a responce.

    Has this happened to any one else? I need help please.

    What should i do and which number can i call. This is not good oooooo
  8. clendon

    clendon New Member


    It is possible to have someone in your downline who is on a different board. As the targets split, everyone is re-ordered in priority - 1: those with two referrals; 2: those with one referral; and finally 3: those who have none. There is no advantage to having more than two referrals so we try to place them under someone else in out downline.

    By the way: Congratulations on becoming a member of the Diamond Cash Club. I noticed this morning that at least three more members have cycled in the Diamond Target and received their $8000.

    As for help desk - I have to admit they are under-staffed. Send a new request and marke it urgent in the subject line. You should receive an answer in 12-24 hours.
  9. clendon

    clendon New Member

    The Diamond Cash Club is beginning to get so active it is difficult to keep up with those who are cycling out of the Diamond Target. Everyone who cycles out of the Diamond Target is receiving $8000.

    The question of the day is "would you invest $200 to make $8000?" If your answer is yes, you need to take a serious look at the Diamond Cash Club.
  10. clendon

    clendon New Member

    Happy Days:
    Just cycled out the sapphire target into the diamond target - received my $200. Looking forward tocycling out od Diamond and collectong $8000.

    Not bad for a $200 investment.
  11. tucker1003

    tucker1003 New Member

    I am very serious about Diamond Cash Club, I would like someone to explain more about DCC Team Build!! I'm looking at both sites and researching, I don't mind giving someone credit where it is due. I ran the name under Better Business Bureau, nothing came up!?! Just starting my Homework before jumping in. Sounds great so far, just want some assistance from someone on this site! PM me Please!
  12. clendon

    clendon New Member

    Good Morning Tucker:

    I will try to be brief as the program is not complicated. You purchase a $300 gemstone voucher for $200 plus a $20 credit card fee. After joining and completing your purchase you can immediately receive your gems if you wish.

    When you purchase a voucher, you are immediately placed on a Sapphire target. You will be pushed through the sapphire target by your two referrals and those of the other members on your target. When a target fills up it splits in half and the members are re-distributed; first by those who have two referrals, second by those with one followed by those with none.

    This target splitting is the one unique factor of the program which sets it apart from all other MLM's. You won't get stuck behind someone who is taking up space, and with maximum requirement of two referrals you don't have to spend your life recruiting. I move all members I get get to others in my downline as does everyone else.

    The program runs on a team concept. When you cycle out of the sapphire and receive your $200, most members buy another position to keep the targets moving. Those that have cycled out of Diamond and received the $8000 have also purchased several additional positions, again to move the targets.

    I tend to make this complicated but it is really very simple. Contact me if you like and I will try to do better.

    As of today about 35 people have cycled out of the Diamond target with some doing it two or three times.
  13. tucker1003

    tucker1003 New Member

    Thank you for your support clendon,
    I'm going to do this once it makes sense for me financially. I'm working hard to get to that point! It pretty much makes sense to me! I'm in the middle of moving to a new home so it will be a few weeks! May as well wait for new address! Thanks again!
  14. clendon

    clendon New Member

    No problem - look us up when you are ready. For info it took me 27 days to cycle out of the sapphire target and receive my $200 back. I'm pretty sure it will be around when you are ready to jump in and get your feet wet.

    Good luck on your move - as a retired military person I have made a few of them myself - think last one was number 39.
  15. clendon

    clendon New Member

    There has been some major developments in the DCC setup. If you haven't reviewed this program you are missing the boat.
  16. EAMS4

    EAMS4 New Member

  17. clendon

    clendon New Member

    From the looks of your signature you are already a member of the phoenix Rising team and just promoting. The PR philosophy is to pull people out of diamond in the order they joined the team. Since August they have cycled out 6 or 7. That means if you join now and become number 400+ you might cycle out in the year 2010.

    Their team philosophy is good however but there are other teams who may move you faster.

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