Did any body got paid by etypingjobs.com

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by tomy45, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. tomy45

    tomy45 New Member

    i have working with etypingjobs.com from two months but this
    company did not pay any money i thing this is a scam company
    if any one also pray from that company tell me.

  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Never heard of them. What kind of work did they do. Try contacting the address in the whois data
    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: ETYPINGJOBS.COM
    Created on: 06-Aug-03
    Expires on: 05-Aug-07
    Last Updated on: 05-Aug-06

    Administrative Contact:
    Rasool, Ghulam
    G. R. Marketing Int'l
    2-2418 Eglinton Ave. E
    Toronto, Ontario M1K 2P3
    4167559986 Fax -- 4167558705
  3. tomy45

    tomy45 New Member

    friend i call to 4167558705 a lady pick up my phone and she says
    "we have posses this telephone no and place from four years their
    is no relationship of any member of family with G.R Marketing or
    etypingjobs.com you have miss guided"

    ho god i have scamed and foul from that scam company how can
    i back my signup money is their any way to get my money back any
    site where i submite my complaint against etypingjobs.com.

  4. cuddlescanada

    cuddlescanada New Member

    Hi Tomy45,
    I have done a little more investigation for you with BBB and this guy has 8 other complaints agains him. I did however find 2 other addresses which may be of some help to you. But I am sorry to say from what I can see this is a SCAM...Sorry. I would contact the BBB and file a complainte against this guy, also if it helps you can now file a complainte with the RCMP Online fraud team. I will look for there direct website and will post it here for you and any other members who wish to file. I will say you get more action with these guys as they are the Police after all. Well here are 2 other addresses and contact # for G.R.marketing Int (ETYPINGJOBS.COM)
    2-986 Queen Street W,
    Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1H1 416-755-0710

    PO Box 247 Stn C,
    Toronto, Ontario, N2G 4L5 416-834-9258.

    Good Luck, if you paid by Credit Card see if they will do a reversal of the payment- Just a thought.

    Dont give up hope as there are good people out there, it just seems that at the moment to many off there are here to rip you off, trust me I know from experience.
  5. tomy45

    tomy45 New Member

    thank you very much my friend i will file a complaint againts etypingjobs.com at BBB but please tell me the web site of "RCMP Online fraud team" as you say this is canadian company do you know
    any canadian internet fraud government web site.

    again very very thanks to you


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