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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by UNC1, May 5, 2009.

  1. UNC1

    UNC1 New Member

    I am so frustrated with waiting up to 20 minutes for PAL to answer my questions in gateway chats.

    I hate asking permission to transfer customers, especially to Direct Sales, how can you screw up a transfer for new's common sense.

    When I receive my coaching I am told that my AHT is too long...what do they expect I'm waiting forever for a PAL to assist me.
    PALS have told me to build rapore with customer during waiting period..the customer dosen't want to talk about the weather they want to know what the heck is taking so long to transfer.

    I just needed to get my frustrations out, I hope it gets better soon![​IMG]
  2. tinascottnaidan

    tinascottnaidan New Member

    I understand and have had the same issues. The other thing I hate is that not only is the only criticism my TL can give me is my AHT is to long, I have begun to copy every chat session. I have quite a file on my pc going and if I ever get called on how long my hold is or anything else, I can verify it. I know we have to do another mandatory transfer webinar, do you have to do that to? I have been on the phone waiting over 35 minutes during chat. Keep a file is my only recommedation
  3. allsunshine

    allsunshine New Member

    I agree with you on this!! I never thought to copy the gateway chats but that is a good idea. My main complaint on this line (other than all the system issues lately) is asking for premission before transfering a call.

    I've been doing this line for a few months now and I've never attended a webinar since starting to take calls. I've never even been notified of any mandatory webinars. Were they for people with really high transfer rates??

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