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    Hi everyone!

    I'm new here, but been doing work at home agent stuff for a while. My wife and I are both Liveops and West agents, but a friend of mine showed me a flyer for a company called Disadvantaged.biz - well, I guess that's the company... that's not who does the training or cuts the checks... I guess that's just the name of the webiste. Anyway, I didn't dial the number, but went on the site a few weeks back - they seemed to be still working on it, but I was able to register. I've been looking for something else because we've never really had a lot of work time with the lo and waha stuff. I registered and went through everything to get set up and started working. The job is pretty easy, but I was very skeptical because after the phone interview, I just plain and simply couldn't get through to anybody when I called the 800#, but my manager responded to my emails pretty promptly. I was surprised today - I actually got my first check! I'm very critical of these types of deals especially when I have to send in up front $$, but the process went pretty smooth and I'm doing better selling this product than all that stuff off the other work at home deals. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else had any experience with these folks. If so, let me know the bad stuff now please!!! I searched the topics, but didn't see any posts about it. I'm pretty excited so far, but you know how it goes - time will tell. I want to make sure it's on the up and up before I get my wife to go on there. I'll check back in and let you guys know how it goes.
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    I am in the process of signing up with Live Ops-at the stage of sending in my paperwork. So, do you think it's worth it? Do you get paid per call? How many calls would you say you get per hour? What companies do you take calls from?

    Thanks for any tips!

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