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    I understand that the Moderators will be looking at this post first since this is my first and further understand that this may be deleted. However, I am needing to know where to report the behavior of a Director. I researched the company and filled out the appropriate application to be contacted for further information. I specifically stated to be called in the evenings. A particular Director called me early Saturday morning and woke me up. Then she proceeded to tell me that I was 'close-minded' because I had concerns over being to provide the initial investment payment. Throughout the conversation I tried explaining my limited income, yet was still interested in working towards joining the company with this Director constantly interjecting comments of my "close-mindedness". She also stated that she had ten other people to call this morning that were more 'open-minded'.

    I am still interested in the company, though this Director is casting a extremely unprofessional and negative light on the company as a whole. Is there anyone in the company which is less a nasty telemarketer that insults potential business owners I could speak with?

    Thank you for your time and I appreciate any feedback to resolve this situation.
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    Hello Shadow,

    If you have a complaint, you can email the Coastal BOD here:

    coastal AT coanetwork.com

    They won't answer your email, but they will take note of the information that you provide.

    I guess I would say that you and that potential director are definitely not a "match"[​IMG]

    It's great that you are still interested in Coastal after that experience! Everyone on this board strongly believes in the product and opportunity and welcome you to the forum. Also, if you would like a list of 30 ways to get started in Coastal to help you overcome your financial limitations, please send me a PM.

    Tonya Kopp
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
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    Clearly, another example of the importance choosing the right director. Coastal is a great opportunity, but it is critical to hook up with the right director. Not sure how far that lady will go with phone manners like that! How rude! It is not the way I run my business. Sorry you had to experience that, but I am glad it did not turn you off to the opportunity. I don't think the person who called you promotes the Call Center model. Calling someone on a Saturday morning is not typically our MO! I would be happy to go in depth about the Call Center you think it appeals to you.

  4. jnapier

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    Hi Shadow,

    This is a fine example of WHY it's important to work with the right director. I can tell you that there IS a group of Coastal Directors who that is HOW they do the business. They want to turn their nose up at you if you are not ready....making you feel as if you've missed something.

    I've got to tell you. You are BETTER OFF!

    Do your diligence and find someone who has what you want, and go in that direction. I find it funny how MANY have issues with their director after they've gotten started...other will become hard to get ahold of after they've been released.

    I've always believe that you get back whatever you give and I've been willing to help ALOT who have come to me because their director left them high and dry.

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director/ Master Trainer
    Coastal Vacations
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    Wow this is a sad story. Posture is one thing but badgering a prospect is another. I would say there is no way I would ever give anyone that was as rude to me as that my hard earned money. Now understand that this is an isolated case of a director that didnt click with you. It has no bearing on Coastal being a great opportunity. So dont lose site of that. Now I am far from being the person to try and steal a prospect from another director but here is a case where they screwed it up themselves. Many of us that answer in these forums are very successful and could be of assistance to you. Many of our contact info is posted as well. I would love to spend some time talking to you about some great ways to get the money to get started in Coastal and show you how in the last 2 years it has changed my life. I could go on for days about the awards and accolades we have received but if you contact me adam (at) ateamenterprises.biz via email we can set up a time to talk.

  6. cashwealth

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    Most important that you not get discouraged! You always run in to a bad apple. Yes, you're better just ignore that person.
    Probably that person had money at the beginning, and she doesn't know what is feel to scrape up the entry fee. That's why is so important -- sometimes luck- to get under a reliable director, who's your mentor and your buddy at same time. This is not that hard business if you have common sense. You don't need 15 free ebooks and 4-6 CD's to listen to... You don't need 3-4 websites. You need a plain, simple system you can follow. You don't want to go to meeting, where masters try to sell you some other stuff you don't need.
    You need leads, leads and leads. We have and we provided for you for free. Find out what CB-United can offer you just visit site in my sig line.

    L2 Director
    Coastal/CB-United group
  7. jnapier

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    Quoting: cashwealthYou don't need 15 free ebooks and 4-6 CD's to listen to... You don't need 3-4 websites. You need a plain, simple system you can follow. You don't want to go to meeting, where masters try to sell you some other stuff you don't need.
    You need leads, leads and leads.


    If your working with CD United YOU WILL NEED THESE THINGS. I own every piece of Coastal Training available and then some. This business is ALL ABOUT Training and support. The challenge is you've got to know what is worth the investment and what is not.

    I can tell you the old CDs that Karl Jacobsen was selling have now become obsolete as they have not been kept upto date.

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director/ Master Trainer
    Coastal Vacations
  8. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    Hello Jay

    the old CD's that Karl brought out were old even when he brought them out, they were not even worth $4 each. (what ever happended to Karl anyway?)

    As far as the director who called you shadow_matrix, consider yourself lucky that you found this forum....

    Adam you sound like an ad for funtime, after the dealings I have had with mr Rusty, you will NOT find me in the Ra Ra camp for funtime.

    All the best to you
  9. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Maria while I appreciate your comments again it shows how people do not take the high road in this forum. This is definitely not what we want our prospects to see about our directors. I appreciate you coming out as you just have. Now all of you were at my throat when I began talking about the Fun Time / Coastal partnership. I was practically told I was lying about it. Now you want to say im like an ad for Fun Time. How about im just vindicating my name after the attacks I received for trying to bring this part of the Coastal package to everyones attention. You are free to make whatever decision you wish about Fun Time as you are your own business owner but be rested assured your last post has shown that we are on different pages and by no means would we be good business partners. Now that is not to try to be mean as that is not in my nature. Many of the people in this forum have either talked to me on the phone or met me in person and know im actually a kind hearted person. But I have to say some of your post border on being a bit mean spirited. My goal is only to put the facts out. As so many of the posters doubted the Fun Time / Coastal deal why wouldnt I promote a call to let you all stop speculating and get the details to the max. From the beginning I have tried to do my best to answer all the questions that came my way. I have been as open and honest as possible. If that is being a walking ad then so be it. As I am a passionate person I do promote anything I believe in passionately. If you look back at how I have promoted Coastal in my 2 yrs of business you will see that I did it with the same fervent vigor. Im not changing my method now. If you dont like it just ignore my post please and make your own decision about Fun Time but I please ask you to refrain from comments that seem to be directed at talking about others. I dont have to be liked by everyone but respect is all I ask for. I respect you as a business owner and your decision to join or not join Fun Time is just that your decision.

    I apologize to anyone reading this and thinking we are arguing in a forum. I am taking the high road in this and will not comment back to comments as Maria just posted in the future.

  10. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    Hello Adam

    we will have to agree to disagree.

    If I have said anything to offend you, I apologize, it is not meant as a personal attack, and yes we would not be good partners as far as funtime goes, not because of you as a person, because of my personal dealings with funtime's owner.

    As a loyal coastal director for nearly 6 yrs, I have been taken aback by all the funtime posts on the coastal forums, esp as nothing has been formally announced. This thread started out as a complaint about a director and once again ended up with funtime.

    However, you have my respect Adam even if you don't feel it at the moment.

  11. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Quoting: ibizniz(what ever happended to Karl anyway?)

    Hi Maria,

    Karl started is own auto dial business. It has since fizzled. I ran into a BUNCH of his old heavy hitters who've since gone to another company.

  12. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    Hello Jay

    I knew about phone power but haven't heard of him since

  13. susaneng

    susaneng New Member

    Dear Shadow_Matrix,

    I am sorry to hear your potential director was so negative with you. I am glad this didn't change your mind on joining Coastal. I don't think negative comments ever help anyone. I would only think this would help one to lose a sale. This probably was a good indication of what she would have been like to work with and I am sure you don't want to deal with negative comments.

    This is a good time for you to check out the different groups and look for the group that is most to your liking and style. Coastal is a great opportunity and I am sure you will not be disappointed. I am with the WCYS (wecloseyoursales group). Feel free to email or pm me with any question you may have.

    Best of success to you.

  14. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member

    Oh dear.. well again, I can echo that this director- whoever she was.. was not someone that was following any "method" that I have ever heard of!


    I say, don't give up on Coastal, find a director that you can work with and feel good about. "closed minded" is a VERY different thing then "I am broke" or "I am skeptical and need my questions answered". If she was so busy that morning with folks calling her.. why did she spend so much time on the phone with you, I wonder?? I can tell you.. my phone doesn't ring much on Saturday before noon- unless my Dad calls who is up at 5:30am daily and absolutely incorrigible! MOST PEOPLE ARE SLEEPING IN, self included!!

    So glad you found the forum, I hope it helps you!


    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG
  15. I must say that it paints a very undesirable picture of directors when I hear stories like this. Shadow I know you will find, that for the most part, Successful Coastal Directors are there to help you. Not brow beat you into submission. Please understand that we market an amazing product with even more amazing earning potential. Those who have done well are happy to help others get to where they need to be. When my wife and I first looked at the business we looked for the director that we knew would help us be successful. Now more than a year later we are still very happy with our choice.
    I truly hope you find the one thats right for you. They are out there.

    Sean Keely & Aviva Steele
    Level 3 Directors/ Funtime Dist
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