Do not entrust your web designer or any body else to register your domain name

Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by Vishal P. Rao, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    My brother recently decided to start a website and paid a lump sum amount to a web designer to register, design and host his website. The designer registered the domain name through their bulk domain registration account and temporarily hosted the website with some web host.

    My brother had a blog at blog spot and I told him to switch to wordpress in the sub domain of his site. He agreed and when I logged into his hosting account to install wordpress, I found that it was a windows hosting plan and not unix. Hence wordpress could not be installed. when he agreed to switch to a different hosting company, I found that he doesn't have access to domain control panel to modify the name servers!

    Here's my advice to all would be dotcomers: Never entrust your web designer or any body else to register your domain name

    It's very simple and you must do it by yourself to save many headaches in the long run. Just sign up a account with popular domain name services like and register the domain name yourself. When you decide on the host, simply log into your account and change the name servers to point to the new host. In case you wish to switch to a different host in future, change the name servers again.
  2. Newbie Shield

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    That's very upsetting. Good heads-up and thanx for the wordpress compatability tip. Good luck to your brother. I hope that it's as easy as switching hosting companies and migrating the site. Hopefully, the web designer will allow your brother to access the account where it currently resides.


    Newbie Shield
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Yes, this is a common mistake which I made, purchased hosting and domain registration from the same company. Getting my domain names back was a headache.
  4. cardwarrior

    cardwarrior New Member

    What a horror story...I always tend to register my domians with godaddy or namecheap. Only after they are registered, do I go about choosing my hosting plan.

    Hope it turned out well for your brother...
  5. MyOwnBoss

    MyOwnBoss New Member

    In addition to registering your domain in your own name, you need to make sure you host your sites with a company other than the one you register the domain with.

    This doesn't apply if you have a big reseller package or something, but if say, you register your domain with godaddy and have them host the site, they have total control.

    I've heard of situations where people in this situation had their domains held hostage if they are a day late renewing. I had a friend who was charged over $200 to renew his domain (that only cost 8.99 to register in the first place) when he missed the renewal date by one day. He paid because he had a year worth of hard work in that site. Just be careful...
  6. jei1405

    jei1405 New Member

    I experienced the same - I hired a web design co. to do domain reg with web design. worse I was made waiting for like over 2 mths to get the domain up and when it did, web design never was.. and like you may guess it, I have to come out with another domain name.. [sigh]
  7. lyndaKu

    lyndaKu New Member

    Some custom web design companies, will outsource their domain registration and hosting accounts to a partnered company, under their own name, so they can easily maintain your site for you.

    Some will register you account under your name, granting you full access to your account. You must read your contract regarding how they will handle your project.

    Regarding domain name registration and transfers, they are governed by Icann dot org (not sure if I can post a website link).

    Tips to make sure your domain name transfers go smoothly.

    1. Make sure your domain name's administration information is in correct, and in your name.

    2. Make sure your registered email address is not the same as your domain name, so you will have access to email requests. (most internet providers give you an email address.)

    3. Make sure you are not initiating a transfer within 60 days of registration, or transfer from another company. It can be denied, (ICANN Rules)

    4. You can check your domain name registration information, by doing a "whois" check for your domain name.

    5. READ YOUR WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT CONTRACT, and LEGAL AGREEMENTS, regarding how your account will be handled, before you initiate anything.

    I hope this information can someone out.
  8. dmitch31

    dmitch31 New Member

    You are so right Vishal. I have seen people taken advantage of by this type of situation many times. In most cases, trying to get control of their domain name becomes a struggle for power with the developer. One client I have even lost a domain name that he had before. Now it's available, but someone wants to sell it for hundreds of dollars.

    Yes, always register your domain names YOURSELF. If you need help, just ask and we will help you.
  9. NTxNerd

    NTxNerd New Member

    As a web designer, I only offer to do domain registration if the clients would like me to do it. As far as hosting, I prefer the client to choose the hosting themselves and after hearing such horror stories if the clients needs help choosing a hosting plan, I try to find one that will suit them the best.
  10. herwindz

    herwindz New Member

    in my coutry most of the hosting company made a package of hosting plus domain name.
    And after i check the domain info, its not register with customer info but the company info.
    This is real bad business..
    I agree that we should register domain name ourselves.
    What we need is just creditcard or paypal.
  11. Slimothy

    Slimothy New Member

    Hi everyone .... this is my first post so be gentle [​IMG]

    Like NTxNerd I too am a Web Designer. When a potential client approaches me one of the first things that I discuss are what stage they are at in regards to hosting, domain names etc. There are so many of these 'horror stories' where people can't access their accounts and so on. My advice would be DON'T be afraid to talk to the designer about any and all of your needs.

    LyndaKu's checklist above has some good points [​IMG]

    Domain registration is not that difficult but I must admit there are many registration companies out there which can make it a difficult task. To register the site in your name is a must as at the end of the day you are the one paying for it. As long as you pay for it you can have whatever you want. That's my belief anyway.

    I guess maybe I'm one of the better 'designers' out there [​IMG] woohoo

    Anyway ... I am always willing to help people out so if I can then please feel free to contact me. My advice is free. (not sure if this is against forum rules )

    Vishal I too hope your brother and yourself managed to sort things.

    Thanks for your time guys ... Great site as well by the way. I'm sure you'll see a few posts by me over time [​IMG]

  12. purple

    purple New Member

    I have to agree, hosting, domains and designs are all about reading and understanding the small print. I have designed, registered and hosted several sites for clients, but I'm not an evil person either. I have also walked others through buying the domain and hosting in my home and then just installing and configuring their site I had hosted for them as a proof. Ask questions before signing contracts or making agreements.

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