Do people respect you or look down on you for doing MLM?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by dpawealth, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. dpawealth

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    I am wondering how people are being treated by their friends/family or any new people they meet? Do people react negatively when you tell them what you do? What do you say you do?
  2. If they react negatively or dismiss mlm as a scam. The key is to move on the next prospect. Remember we are not in convincing business we are in an information sharing business so we have to let go the person who is not convinced about our industry.
  3. Mflaclair

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    It really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks when it comes to your MLM adventure. What really counts is what you think and how much work your willing to do to become a success. It takes work, education, and action. If you like the company and the product than stay the course. Remember the golden rule to " brand yourself" and not your company. MLMer''s follow people not companies. I wish I know that 30 yr. ago.

    To Your Success,

    Marc LaClair
  4. KarenSmith67

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    Hi Dpa-

    If you believe in what it is that you do, then someone responding negatively will not affect you. I believe in what I do and my friends and family no NOTHING about MLM or network marketing, so they cannot judge me, I tell them that too!

    We (society) are taught that to be successful in life we must go to school, get an education and work for someone else. So, when people are introduced to a new way of living, or working, they freak out.

    As long as you are confident in what you are doing, do NOT let others steer you away from your goals, because only you can reach those goals and if you find a vehicle that allows you to do that, outside of Corporate America, then go for it.

    Network marketing and MLM are not easy business's to be associated with, because of all the "bad" things that are said about them, but I still stand firm in the belief that I will NOT be financially free as long as I am working to make someone else rich!

    Good luck to you and I hope you have much success in what you are doing.
  5. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    Karen you have hit the nail on the head when you said you will not be financially free working for someone else. They can get mad at you at anytime and find ways to fire you. [​IMG] Or take credit for work that you did.

    MLM is not the only place that bad things happen. But all of it is an education. Remember the garbage collector. You may look down on his profession but look at what happens when he doesn't collect the trash (like when they go on strike) kind of gives you a new respect huh?

    We have all been looked down on at one time or another for decisions we have made in the past. Learn from them and move on. It is a fool that doesn't learn from their mistakes and bound to repeat them.
  6. MLM has earned a bad repution over the years, and for good reason, most are promoted on hype of getting rich quick, but when most do not get rich quick, they quit, hence the bad reputation the industry is known for.

    Sure, there are many companies which you can be successful in, but the problem still exists that most people quit when the discover the truth that MLM takes hard work, never mind many years of work to make it worth while. Most don't want to admit they quit, so they blast the companies as scams or pyramids, and you will never have a chance of recruiting millions because of this situation.

    In my opinion, where traditional MLM is missing the boat is when they do not offer dual program, one for customer sales only, and one for the opportunity, keeping them totally separate is best strategy. I am helping company roll out with this new strategy, and when I research the industry of both direct sales and MLM, hands down, many would never purchase from any MLM knowing the prices are almost always higher than similar products sold elsewhere.

    How could you expect any newbie to overcome this obstacle when they usually do not have any sales skills at all, now you have double trouble. As if it is not difficult enough for most to sell, but how can you expect a new person to sell to someone who hates MLM or is ill informed about industry. How many times have we heard the old response, this sounds like a pyramid or ponzi? Forget about it, you will not convert this mindset, so move on, but don't quit.

    Nothing is more rewarding when you finally make it, and especially when you know your friends and relatives have tried to squash your dreams of being in your own successful business, no matter what it is, the sweetest reward to me is, saying I told you so. lol

    Success to all,
  7. JanHickling

    JanHickling New Member

    In the beginning i pounded everybody I knew to listen to my pitch. Needless to say, I wasn't very popular.

    I have found expanding my friendship circle through online marketing has changed everything. Even the way my friends and family think of my business. I think it is because I don't have the sense desperation I had in the beginning. I really don't care if they want what I got. There are millions of people online I can work with who want what I have to offer.

    I love my work and as the people in my life are seeing all the wonderful things changing for me they are really coming around.

    Keep it Up! MLM's are the only way to get really really rich!

    Jan Hickling
  8. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    It's natural to be seen as "odd" for wanting to do what others are not willing to do, and not wanting to follow the crowd.

    If you're friends are no better off financially than you, then getting new friends, associates, that are and or aiming to be is the wisest thing.

    You must think outside of the circumference of the general mindsets around you if you want to be free of that mindset.

    So take anyone see you and wanting more, as being crazy, or fearing doing something because they might get scammed, as a badge of bravery and honor.

    Once you succeed, it will feel good knowing you've achieved something most will not and you will be proud of yourself.
  9. Kathleen2

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    When I first started with Network marketing and various products I bombarded my friends and family with them because, after all that's what the gurus said to do.
    Fast forward a few mistakes later, ok, ok more than a few...I made some doozies too! Now I have found a way to promote me, what I do and make new friends in the process. The key that I discovered was building relationships and when done right this builds your list and then builds your business. Takes a little bit more effort but well worth the outcome.
    As for those looking down on you think of this: When Edison was creating Electricity do you think his family and friends looked up to him? When Noah built the ark, he was ridiculed day and night...look who survived that one... [​IMG]

    I myself was told I would never get past an eighth grade education in math...Now I completed the first half of my bachelors degree in Business Admin. and am now working on Communications.

    Never let what others think deter you from what YOU know you are supposed to do.
  10. I think we should believe in ourselves and this industry and ofcourse that this industry would bring a great change in our lives and not care what others think about us. Infact if some body is not convinced about our idea we should move on.
  11. tony1018

    tony1018 New Member

    If you are passionate about what you do! find your Why and strive toward it everyday... Don't let the nahsayer take your dreams!

    I am an Energy Consultant and I tell people that I am not in the business of Selling but Telling!!! there are people out there looking to make a change in their lives and you just need to work through a few No's to get to your next Motivated Business partner
  12. mtran2000

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    People will not respect you for doing MLM unless you are successful at it. If you fail you will get the "I told you so" comments. Of course that could be said when you try any kind of business.

    I still say the worst way to build a MLM business is pitching to warm market. Build it another way and when you are successful, warm market will come to you.

  13. JanHickling

    JanHickling New Member

    When I first started I was unsure of myself and uncomfortable talking about I was doing. And it came through. So yes - I have been dis-respected for working a MLM - As I have become confident (which comes with trial and error ) I have a lot of people asking what I'm up too.

    I recently was asked to speak to a group of professional women about how to market their traditional business's. The first thing I told them was everything they were going to hear about how to market their business's online was created to support my MLM team. Then I joked about Yes, I work a MLM - run while you can. By acknowledging the shadiness associated with MLM's and the sneak presentation I put everybody at ease.

    Long story for a short thought. I always put it out there right away "yes - I know MLM's , pyramid's, scams, never work... but, who spent the month of Dec. in Maui? " Plant the seed and watch it grow.

    To All Our Success -

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