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    Nearly every day I receive e-mails trying to sell me "Work At Home" kits which promise to pay "big money" if I follow "a few simple steps". Well it turns out they involve a lot of work, cost a lot of money (especially if they require you to sign up to use their online system and charge you monthly), and very few people actually make the money they claim you can make. How do I know this? Fortunately not by trial-and-error, but by doing research online. Always Research these work-at-home kits before you buy any of them.

    First, look up the product / company / person on the Better Business Bureau website ( If you see an A or B rating with few or no complaints, then you can be reasonably sure that you would be purchasing something legitimate. If you see C, D, E, F, and a large number of complaints, it would not be wise to purchase the product. If you find no information then:

    Second, look online to see what other people are saying about this product or business. If you see positive reviews (impartial reviews which are not trying to push you into purchasing the product) then it might be a sound investment. If you see negative reviews (impartial reviews which are not trying to push you into purchasing a different product), then it might be a poor investment. Look for reviews which tell you what is involved in working the product.

    Many of these people are preying on poor people's hopes to make more money, and succeed in making themselves richer by making their victims poorer. So my first piece of advice is to ignore the hype in the sales pitches and do your own Research.
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