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    I think this could possibly be the most stressful job I have ever had. I do like the WAH thing. But I must say I have nightmares about not being able to find the info a client needs and getting phone calls from TL or issuance of a PIN. The vast amount of alerts and information sometimes is overwhelming. I have the ability to work 40 hrs even with my other job but I will go to schedule and boom I get anxious about the whole thing. The P*LS ... man they are another story when I read the chat to see what ?s are asked and how they answer it amazes me. Many tiimes I willsee thm answer incorrectly and I feel bad for the person asking cause they are going to be the one who looks incompetent. Find it in C*T* source page level reference level ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.
    I am doing okay I just get crazed when people call in wanting an explination of Fin*** CHGS. Ya can explain it all day to them and they just dont GET IT by the time I have gone through it 18 million times!@ DAMN I have myself confused. I have been having a problem with AHT sometimes finding info is time consuming or waiting for a P*l to answer in chat only to gve you the dreaded noted or . or even worse they ask you a question that if you answer... another p*l comes back and doesnt know what your referring to. The whole chat system needs an overhaul. I should be working right now instead of posting here. I need to make money but by the time I work a 2 hour shift even, I need to decompress for an hour or 24
    Maybe I just suck at it. Does anyone else have an opinion?
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    Suni I have to agree with everything that you posted. Besides finance ch xplanation and pal incompetence my issue is sales. They tell you to offer on all eligible sale... fine... why do you have to rebut.. sometimes when u are making a rebuttal the cm hangs up on u and then u don't get a chance to click refused. Also what's up with them offering bonuses for a 3 hr. block but if you xperience tech issues during your 3 hr. you may or may not receive bonus. That sucks. Cm chew you out for you raising apr, for you charging fc, and late or ocl fees. God forbid you remove a fee... then u have to hear about it from yur tl..... arggggghhhhh!!!!!
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    suni, you are soooo right i thought i was the only one who got so stressed out just even thing about signing in for work. I think I only work 1-1.5 hours that was in two weeks.lolol That sounds horrible but i thing i have panic attack when i think about. I might not be so bad if the p*ls were helpful. I feel so bad for the cm to wait so long for an answer and then it is incorrect. The chat takes forever for a response and you have to keep appologizing to the cm for waiting. I feel so bad for them, i would be mad also, especially if had a simple question and couldn't get an answer for 10min.

    This is what happened to me to day on a 30 min session. It took me 15 min to get logged which left 15 for work. My first and only call was transferred from another dept. and it was a merchant wanting to verify and address. After putting the card number in sawgrass it said process cancelled. I sent a chat asking what to do about that, it took sevveral min for the p*l to respond and when they did, the said to ck C*T* source for the answer.[​IMG]. I said that I diod not have access, they responded back access to what. I explained all over again the problem. All the while informing the merchant I have system problems, pls cont to hold, i appologize. So I called a P*l, they said CS has nothing to do with that and it was a sawgrass issue and logoff and back in. The merchant is still holding, and the system is telling me in idle to long ARRRRGh. After all that, I thing I lost the merchant on the line.

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    suni, I completely agree with your post. I went ahead a resigned because too much of my day was spent unproductively messing around with W*st, P*Ls, and H*lpd*sk. One Saturday, I was having tech issues and called in for the ET (I had a recurring schedule) and they told me to call back at the end of my shift for all the ET. I left my house to drop my daughter off at her aunt's graduation and came back home. When I got here, I had a message from a supervisor that I was supposed to be on the phones so I called back and got clarification from a P*L that my account was noted about the tech issues that morning. So when I called back at the end of my shift, a P*L told me there is a note to not issue ET to me for those hours. B*llsh*t! I stayed on the phone and email until they got tired of me and gave me ET for half the time (like they were doing me a favor). They seem like they do everything they can to make it miserable for you to work.
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    hi, i am almost done w/ the sales training and after reading all of this, i'm super nervous about starting!! I hate sales and i'm really suffering thru the training!! I'm feeling so overwhelmed about all the info!! How are you supposed to remember anything?
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    I was told they dont expect you to know everything but the do excpect you to know where to find information in things such the different help levels reference C*T* source etc.... good luck to you
    You could never remember everything its immpossible I have been working for about 3 months and I am still struggling through. I hate sales as well.

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