Do you need your own website to make money?

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by jforphun, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. jforphun

    jforphun New Member


    Are you guys of the opinion that it is a must to have your own website to make quality money on the internet or marketing your own blogs would suffice? Theoritically I know that it is possible, but practically has anyone made loads of money by just blogging?
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    You CAN definately make money online without a website - talk to someone with a Squidoo lens and they will attest to that. However, I think it helps to have a website, but the trick is getting your website (or Squidoo lens or blog) to convert.
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Theoretically it is possible, but if you make a decent amount of money, why risk it using a free service with no customer support
  4. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    I've found it helpful to use several ideas. If you're going to have a presence on the net why not create your own site? At the very minimum you should have a main/contact type page, and if you can convert your website into a money maker in the process there is definitely no harm in that.

    If HTML programming is not your bag then you can always use a site builder type program to help you along the way.

    Like I was saying you should at the very minimum have a informationi type page. Mix that with some adsense and you can usually make your hosting fee up whiel using the site to promote yourself or other items(clickbank,affiliate signups, etc)
  5. moneymakerblogs

    moneymakerblogs New Member

    I think that having a website or blog definitely expands the possibilities for making money. Whether you're doing it online or offline, having even a landing page that describes who you are and what you do can be a great marketing tool. If you can generate content then you can put ads and affiliate programs for some extra income. Nowadays, whenever people look for information they tend to google it, so having a website is a quick way to reach more people with your service or product.

    If you look at the site in my sig, it reviews blogs, websites and forums about making money, and all of them, without exception, recommend having a website. It's definitely worth having one.
  6. arunkumarsuri

    arunkumarsuri New Member

    It is certainly a good idea to have your own site. Blog has certain limitations. Your own site gives you many opportunities for monetizing.
  7. Trojan9

    Trojan9 New Member

    No you don't need your own website but it doesn't hurt. It depends on what you want, do you want the host to get most of your income as well as control, majority of ads and space, the domain rights, the official blog rights or you.

    Logical steps:

    1. affiliate marketing (not your site) or affiliate provides
    2. blog w/host (not your main blog, your test blog) (not your site)
    3. Your own web host-paid not free host
    4. Your own domain (not linked to the web host) -rights thing again
    5. Your own blog hosted by your web host


  8. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    I have to weigh in on the side of websites. If for no other reason than that I have 2 so far. [​IMG]

    Personally, I have wondered if I could do as well with a blog or squidoo lense, but I don't have any experience with them, and not sure I want to try to learn something different at this point. If I had a friend that lived close who was using them, I'd be tempted to lean over their shoulder for a bit and see how they do it.

    Right now, I guess I'll just stick with my site building as I've already proven that they work to my own satisfaction.

    Sorry I couldn't help you more.
  9. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Hosting is very cheap, and when you use free hosting, you get a lower share of the revenue.
  10. itsjoanne

    itsjoanne New Member

    Squidoo is very good and you can get a lot of traffic and it's all free.

    Many people have an opt in page or squeeze page.

    It depends partly on what you are marketing.

    I always recommend Squidoo at a minumum as it doesn't cost anything as I previously said.

    Who doesn't like free traffic?

  11. cmartel

    cmartel New Member

    Short answer: yes, you need a website. Everything else lacks longevity.
  12. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    Having a website creates endless possibilities if you have a blog although it is free it does have limitations. Nower days hosting is cheap, you can get a cheap domain from many places like godaddy and you can find a free website builder online so all the tools are therefore a low price
  13. sparkle

    sparkle New Member

    Having your own website is a Plus. But like myself I look for other income to fall back on in case the income slows down or stops. That is why I have joined the new wave. if your interested click my sig. Its not a get rich fast scam. There is no way to get rich quick. You must work work work and be determined.
  14. PeterB

    PeterB New Member

    You don't necessarily need a website to promote your business, but it certainly helps when warm or cold contacts are running out.

    You then get inquiries from the net anyway, on a constant basis.

    besides, it's not too difficult to build your own website with all the support out there...

    Regards, Peter
  15. lavendersluv

    lavendersluv New Member

    Having a website helps, but you don't need one if you want to just get started online.

  16. mstngdav

    mstngdav New Member

    I think having a website helps because you have a place to send people where they can check you out and whatever business your doing. If you pay a small fee for your domain, you have a lot of freedom and you can use it for multiple things.

    I'm using the different pages on my website for different things. I have the home page where I basically talk about why I decided to start a site.

    My so called BLOG page, (I say it that way because it's not set up like a normal blog just yet, but it will get there), where i talk about different things that are on my mind, stuff in the news, stuff in my life, etc.

    My photos and news page has family photos that I can share with my family all over the place by just having it up on my page and they can all get online. I have 14 siblings and then a lot of neices and nephews, so a website is a good way to stay in touch.

    Then I have a page where I put my links to the businesses I'm involved with and any other stuff I think are good links for people.

    I also have a page that I'm currently building that is called Daves Dream Garage and I'm going to use that as a place to put pics and info on the stuff I would like to have and places I'd like to go eventually, kind of as a way to keep it all in front of me, so I don't give up when the going gets tough.

    So, do you have to have a website? NO. BUT IT SURE DOES HELP. And just so you know, they are really easy to set up. I was surprised at how easy, fear of the unknown and all. I used a free site builder that was available where I got my website. I knew NOTHING about it and have done okay so far. then I've tweaked it with a little html. I learned anything I know about html from an html tutorial on neopets for goodness sake. It's a quick easy tutorial and it has given me enough knowledge to put my site up and it's not too bad for the knowledge I do have.

    You should check into the different ones available though. I did and the 100% free ones aren't as great as they sound when you check into them. Plus I wanted my site name to be what my nickname has been for years without having to add a bunch of number to it and with a lot of the free ones the names have to be adjusted. I got the name I wanted exactly the first time. PM me if you want the info on where to get the site and I will send you the info.
  17. sdcindy

    sdcindy New Member

    Well, I have used blogs to promote my business opportunities in the past. But this last week I decided to try to build a site myself because I thought my own website would have a better look and feel than a blog. I don't think my first project turned out half bad [​IMG] I used a WYSIWYG web builder called SiteSpinner. Check out my first link in my signature to see my webpage. The only thing I had to pay for was the Flash movie.

  18. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hosting is so cheap, there's no reason not to have your own website. Some hosting companies give out a free domain with their hosting packages.

    I'd also start a free blog.

    Later, I'd take the revenue from the two above setups and host my own blog.

    You can add other income streams after that - indefinately. Hopefully, there will come a day where you have so much going on with all of your sites, you will have to hire one or more copywriters, promoters, and webmasters.

    Find out what works and repeat it to your heart's content.

    Newbie Shield
  19. aldanson

    aldanson New Member

    marketing blogs is great but I don't think anything can really beat a website. Closest thing would be a site like squidoo or hub pages. You can make pretty good money from them. Its just like a website but free to use and easier.
  20. aplina

    aplina New Member

    its also depends on what you want to sell or do . if you are on affiliate marketing then having awebsite is good idea, it will set you apart. sometime you may need only a mini site

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