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    In the medical profession, the doctor is more or less the top rung of authority in the clinic and hospital settings.

    The nurses and other "subordinates" such as pharmacists tend to obey a doctor's orders without pause or question. Part of the the 10% average error rate is due to a less than adequate check system (double checking, questioning, etc).

    So when a patient came into the clinic and complained of pain in his right ear, the doctor wrote out an abbreviated prescription for "R ear drops".

    When the nurse read the instructions (also abbreviated), which read "Place in R ear", the nurse dutifully and promptly put the proper number of drops in the man's anus.



    ~Newbie Shield~
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    ??? LOL[​IMG]

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    So funny. Too abbreviated for words will cause misunderstanding.
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    [​IMG] Good one NS
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    Good humor[​IMG]

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