Does anyone have a legit service or product?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by legitbiz, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. legitbiz

    legitbiz New Member

    I've been looking and looking and all I see are companies that sell their own information on how to sell their own information etc. etc etc.

    Is this just an industry feeding upon itself? Are there any companies that don't just rely on selling the product that sells the product?

    I have a current home based business that I make a lot of money at... I have large corporations pay me up to $70k for a one time service... but I work really hard at it and if I don't work the engine stops so I'm trying to find something that is legit that can be a secondary stream of revenue. I'm a true sales person and cold call everyday and work my network... none of that bothers me at all so I don't mind finding something that I can work at.. just tell me that all of this isn't just companies selling their tell all books on how to make money selling their tell all books... ugh.. I get a headache thinking of it.

    I'm finding that even most of the tell all review sites are really just people who have put together mulitiple tell all sites and decided to review them all hoping that it would lead to a sale on one of them.

    Then I get to the travel piece and I think hmm... that would be interesting.. then its all the same thing... selling sites on how to sell sites that sell sites... Am I wrong here? Does anyone else see this vicious cycle?

    If anyone can present me with something interesting that isn't just selling itself I would be open to hearing from you.
  2. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    Hi legitbiz,

    The whole reason I got in to Coastal Vacations is because it is a real THING. It is not reselling information. I don't actually book travel itself, although that may come in time. Right now, it is a lifetime membership package including free trips, cruises, discounts at major hotels and condos and many, many more benefits. With one or two trips you take yourself, you have made back your investment with the savings. This can easily be sold as a retail package and it is very attractive to those who like to travel and to those who like to save money when they travel. I can talk all day about the product itself and I have not even mentioned the business side of things. Just look around at commercials and conversations people have. Vacations are a natural conversation so it is easy to talk to people about Coastal without even having to "sell" it. People will ask YOU questions. Who doesn't like to hear about wonderful vacations you took at a huge discount, or virtually for free?

    As far as the business side, the compensation can't be beat. You can quickly start making some serious money, especially with your skills and current network. The Call Center is a very attractive option for newcomers to the business, however, I do think that leads, used the right way, can prove successful. I just started Contatmate which is a fantastic autoresponder and voiceblast system. So between the two, I have the best of both worlds.

    I looked in to business opportunities for about a year and I was leary of exactly the things you were mentioning. What I liked about Coastal is that it has been around for 13 years, and that it is a real product that I can feel good about. Not to mention the travel bonuses.

    You are looking for something interesting - to me travel is interesting. And apparently it is interesting to the entire world because, I think, travel is the number 1 industry worldwide.

    Hope this sparked your curiosity about Coastal. It is definately worth a look.

  3. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member

    Look into Coastal and Global Resorts Network. I am not involved with either of these companies as of yet so this is a completely unbiased opinion.
  4. legitbiz

    legitbiz New Member

    Isn't the travel industry being hit hard by the war? I would think that this would be a bit of a risky industry to get into right now... What has been your experience with that?
  5. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member

    People always go on vacations. People will always spend money to stay in nice places. So with Coastal and Global Resorts your simply showing people a better way to travel, Save money, Stay in nicer places and have the ability to earn income if you choose.
  6. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    Travel statistics show an increased demand for hotel and motel rooms, air travel and demand for gasoline over a one year period. I can point you to some information if you want to get in-depth. I agree that the war may not be helping travel, but I would argue that it is not hurting it. Perhaps right after 9/11 there certainly was a decrease in travel, but I believe we have bounced back and then some. The weak US dollar probably has more to do with a drop in overseas travel than the war. However, that does not stop people from going. A friend of mine is leaving for Europe in one week.

    I read an article stating that over the Memorial Day weekend, the high gas prices did not stop people from driving to vacation. In fact, travel by car was up. There are plenty of places to vacation that are just a drive away for me. I can use my Coastal package in many different ways without even getting on a plane.

    I have also been to Orlando many times in the past few years and I can tell you that the theme parks are FAR from empty. The Coastal package has MANY offers geared to an Orlando vacation.

    If you think about it, most people take a vacation of some sort or another, at least once a year, if not more. Overall, the travel industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry. So in answer to your question, no I don't think the travel industry is risky.

    When I was looking in to Coastal, I became very aware of all of the commercials and ads for Carnival Cruise lines, Orlando, Bush Gardens, and all of the travel commercials in general. People travel. Saving money while traveling appeals to everyone. So having said that, why pay full price when you can take advantage of the MANY deals the Coastal membership offers? That is why it is such a strong retail product on its own.

    Talking about vacations is fun. It is a real thing that most people do year after year. Even if they don't want to do this as a business, it would be useful to anyone. For example, I was talking to an aquaintance, and we were talking about weekend getaways. I mentioned that through my business, I was going to Hershey Park and my hotel was 50% off. Well, that set off a ton of questions! I was actually kinda embarrassed because I didn't want her to think I was trying to "sell" her something but she was really interested in more information. That's how easy it is. Many people may never have even heard of affiliate maketing, but vacation is something everyone has in common.

  7. quovadis

    quovadis New Member

    Hey all,
    thank heaven i saw this site. I was just about to buy the ultimate wealth package or similar.
    It seems everyone on this site wants the same thing.
    Work from home and make money honestly.
    We are searching for opportunity, a break.
    Well i may be totally wrong...but we may find what we are looking for right here in this forum.
    One thing i have learned from life is get together...together we are strong alone we are weaker.
    "Those who have bread have no teeth, and those with teeth have no bread"
    Im 44, with multiple skills...i work a lot..and yet, find it difficult to make money and meet the correct people to make things work.
    Maybe we could open up a new post on this forum and discuss all of our skills and weaknesses?
    As for myself, i'm useless at selling products and services, but brilliant in creating new or existing products to sell.
    I have been sourcing from china for many years, and can make or find products at half the cost that most companies buy them for...and yet..could not sell them if my life depended on it...

    Let me have your thoughts..
  8. netresult

    netresult Member

    Check out

    Depressing reviews on Coastal Vacations - usual rip-off.

    The internet has spawned a complete new breed of spivs, rip-off merchants and outright con merchants!
  9. Viajero Latino

    Viajero Latino New Member

    You should take your time and do some research. Start by thinking what exactly do you like to do first. Then after you have decided what is it you would like to do find it. I assure you there is something out there for you. Something you have a passion for and wont mind working for it.

    Don't let anyone pressure you on any business decision you want to make.

    It took me a few months of researching in my field because there was a lot of competition and a bunch of hype in the travel industry. But I love it. I love to travel and love to get paid for it as well.

    Another thing that is very important is to never ignore any red flags a company may have. Even if it's minor really take a look at it and be patient with your decision.

    Good luck in your venture!
  10. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    Hello netresult,

    Hmmm..I think 15 reports since 2001 is not a bad record, considering 7 of the reports named individual directors. However, you name ANY company out there and you can be sure to find a ripoff report. I honestly don't give that site much credit. I believe that the people who write there certainly feel they have been ripped off for whatever reason, but believe me, it is not the norm with us. Just go to that site and search for your favorite restaurant, or car company or retail store.

    Also, I do believe it is important to disclose shady directors wherever possible. We are all independent business owners so I hate that a few bad apples can give everyone a bad name. For anyone looking in to Coastal, look at the other side of the coin as well as the negative. Talk to people who have taken vacations, talk to successful directors. Then you can make informed decisions.

  11. Viajero Latino

    Viajero Latino New Member

  12. myspacefortunes

    myspacefortunes New Member

    It is interesting to hear so many good things about Coastal because I myself had done some research and found quite a few bad results as well.

    How long have you all been with coastal and what was the start up costs?
  13. businessman

    businessman New Member

    I understand the feeling of searching for something to build income and cash flows from the internet. (Hence the url link I have below) I, too, have purchased many products advertised on internet sites designed to "teach you how to make millions online". It is very difficult if not impossible to weed through the many Ad Campaigns designed to sell you on information to get a free website and advertise their products. (Imagine, paying someone to advertise their product). But...through all of this...I have learned (through the many video and audio tutorials supplied by these sites) to design and post ads, write and market eBooks or eManuals and use features to capture email addresses and combine them with auto responders to target a segmented audience. I am now in the process of developing a webpage for "How to" eBooks and eManuals. I have recently purchased a candle business and I now feel confident in how to attract and bring in "Web traffic" and market my business. Does anyone have any good ideas that would make a good eBook? I would love to hear your suggestions.
  14. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    I know that there may be some disgrunteld Coastal members, just as with any business. But while doing my research, I found a surprisingly low amount of "bad press". Considering we have been around for 13 years. Whatever I did find, it was a personal complaint, not really a flaw with the business or the business model. Also, I think many of the problems were with individual directors. After all, we own our own business and no doubt there are some low lifes out there. But there are plenty of directors that are on the up and up, like me!![​IMG]

    The start up costs are this:

    Level 1 = 1995 - 1000 commission to you per sale
    Level 2= 4995 - 3,000commission to you per sale
    Level3=11,000 - 6,500 commission to you per sale

    This includes your lifetime membership (you really must take a look to see their value), a ONE time cost to the Call Center who does much of the admin for me. As you can see, the average person can quickly replace a "salary" with just a few sales per month.
    Our Call Center also offers an entry level package at 795 which is great - is is 100% online travel booking and you earn $300 per sale.

    So there is another side to the coin. Just curious how current your info was. I understand that there was a time before I joined where there were problems with a particular call center (now out of business) but that is NOT us. I can show you all kinds of information about Coastal that detail a legitimate, lucrative home based based business that has been around for a long time and is constantly changing and upgrading and offering members all kinds of training along the way. Not to mention the travel!!

  15. Viajero Latino

    Viajero Latino New Member

    I am not with coastal and I dont think coastal is for the average person or the rookie MLM person.

    Its not easy for someone who doesnt know how MLM works spend thousands.

    But when you do your research there are a few good things mentioned about them. Plus I agree they been around for a while. But like any other thing. Sometimes old businesses need to be replaced by new ones.
  16. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    Replaced?? Why? The Coastal membership is a wonderful package that can be sold as a stand alone retail package. That alone speaks volumes. What I really like about my team is that we are really cutting edge as far as marketing strategies as well as the membership packages. The We Close Your Sales team is constantly upgrading the back office, the autoresponder and we just introduced the new entry level package. As long as we are growing and continuing to be innovative, it is a terrific business model to get involved with. I think the fact that we have been around for so long can only help us.

    PS - Coastal is not really a traditional MLM because with the exception with the first 2 sales, you gain nothing from the success of those you introduce to the business. If you join Coastal, after your first two pass up sales, you keep 100% of the commissions you earn. I kinda like not giving up anything to anyone else. And there are ways to do this on a very modest budget.

  17. pit2palace

    pit2palace New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    If you would like a business, a good one may I suggest that you begin your own newsletter! This way you will control the type of content you allow!

    As well as charge, an advertising fee to business owners who would like to have their ad displayed in their! (Basically you would be renting out your ad space!)

    I am not a ezine/newsletter owner "yet" but I have several free reports that I would be more than happy to pass along to you!

    Best Regards,

    P.S. I don't use a website to give away my free reports, but I do use a auto- responder. It sends messages once a week! so you will not get your inbox flooded!
  18. mwwolf62

    mwwolf62 New Member

    With all the tech advancements, building a website is cheap and easy.
    A lot of companies now offer free website building programs where you have a friendly point and click system and can have your website done in a matter of minutes. They make their money from hosting your site at cheap monthly rates.
    The key here is that if you have no ideas or can't write well for good copy, you could be left staring at your screen. But there is a much easier way for us to make money from selling others' content and products. So slap up a template, start signing up for affiliate programs such as google's. yahoo's and any other programs that you know are top notch products.
    Now the only problem left is to get traffic to your site. Internet marketing is like the Othello game, "easy to learn, hard to master".
    But it is free and you can make enough money to get paid advertising campaigns going and within 6 months you'll be making 50-100 thousand a year, depending on how fast you learn marketing techniques.
    Look at this forum. it's happening right before your eyes. look at the ads! And google adsense is well worth the 50 bucks to join.
    So start building a website. one page is a good start. think of it as your tree seed and in a couple of months you'll have a redwood with more branches(pages) then you'll ever need to get wealthy.
  19. AaronCross

    AaronCross New Member

    Selling a physical product is a must... but you run into problems when you join up with an "old" over saturated company....

    ... Yeah yeah I know - no such thing as over saturation on the web.

    A load and you know it. The #1 spot to advertise on the internet is google adwords and can you tell me what happens when your affiliate ranks reach a good 1,000 to 10,000 in number?

    Those oh so traffic'd keywords raise up and up and up in price.

    Then we all know what happens to the little guy who comes in with high hopes and no more than a fist full of cash...

    Just another splat on the pavement, rolled over by the machine.

    Find a program thats solid and just out of pre launch. nice 5 cent keywords with plenty of room for natural search engine growth.

    Thats why I chose Team Pajama.

    Aaron Cross
  20. kohuether

    kohuether New Member

    I read your post and have an idea - why not start writing ebooks and other information products about what you do or aspects of your business that you do well that could help other business owners? You have personal experience with it so you would definitely be an authority on the subject.

    Aspects of the industry could feed off each other. But, there are ways to break away. Look into Fred Gleeck - he has certain niche subjects that he creates information products in and makes a lot of money. Matt Furey is another very successful marketer who has a background in martial arts.

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