Does anyone here protect themselves against radiation from computer?

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by robertlaf, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. robertlaf

    robertlaf New Member

    From the ones who work on computers all day, do you do anything about the so called harmful effects of the radiation from the computer? Do you use some device to protect yourselves or not worry about it? If you use a device, what is it?
    I have been on this computer for 2 weeks about 8 hours a day, first time on such an extended length of time, and I have headaches and fatigue.
    Some research showed my why.
  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Here are some tips to minimize the harmful effects of computers:

    1) Invest in a laptop or TFT scree. Laptop and TFT screens emit far less radiation than traditional CRT monitors.

    2) Take regular breaks. After each half an hour you sitein front of the PC, take a ten minute break and look at the nature (mostly greens). This can work greatly in reducing the general headaches and eye fatugue commonly associated with working on computers. However, you need teremendous discipline to do this. Even though I'm writing this to you, I fail miserably to practice it on regular basis.

    3) Take more breaks in the mornings when there is abundance of natural light. Natural light is vital for optimum functioning of our system. Less exposure to it can further complicate things.

    4) Spend as much time with nature as possible. Nature is a great rejuvenator. The more time you spend with it, the more it'll undo the harmful effects of computers and electro magnetic radiations.
  3. FlutterBy

    FlutterBy New Member

    Try wearing a foil hat, it does wonders for me [​IMG]
  4. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I don't spend more then 2 hours per day on the laptop.

    I don't think that you can 100% protect yourself from radiation etc.

    Just like when you go outside and there a toxic fumes from cars. You can not protect yourself 100% from it or even protect your eyes from the sun even though you are wearing sun glasses.
  5. Kyle_K

    Kyle_K Member

    I don't think it is that big of a deal. I have worked in an office setting for 15 years sitting at a computer. I don't think there is that much radition emitted from a pc that it is a major concern.

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