Does anyone know anything about

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    Odd... I'd already posted a message about this yesterday - or at least I thought I had, but I sure as heck can't find my message anywhere.
    Oh, well... ** sigh **

    I've been lurking here awhile and I absolutely love this place - all the eye-opening input have proved invaluable in my neverending quest for a work-at-home income. Sorry - haven't found anything so far or I'd be sharing it with you, my fellow Forum followers. However, I did receive a postcard in the mail about the above website,, and I checked it out. I Dogpiled it (I also Google, but I was using Dogpile long before I'd ever heard of Google), but couldn't find any real proof that it might be a scam. So I thought I'd see if anyone here has ever heard of CMS and if so, what do you think?

    Also, does anyone know anything about
    Apparently you don't have to spend any money and it sounds happy, happy, joy, joy, oodles of money just waiting to pour into your bank account, but I can't help being suspicious..... I know - if it's free to sign up, what do I have to lose? But still I find it hard to believe that it could be all that easy..... any ideas?


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