Does anyone know if rebateprocessorjobs is legite?

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  1. joat

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    Hello, I am knew here and already am appreciating all of the helpful info. on this site. I work at home and take care of my grandparents and was looking for another means of revenue to rely on on top off my home business selling self defense products thru my website and came across this:
    Does anyone know if this is legit and not a scam? I can't afford to lose $40.00 down the drain to a scam and I tired doing a background check on these guys to see if anyone else has had success with this program. They come up everywhere on Google's first page under "rebate processor jobs" and I have as of yet to find any negative nor positive feedback on them.
    Please help. Thank you.
  2. tchamberlin

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    Aloha from Hawaii,

    I was doing to same thing myself. I've been researching for the last 4 days into a good computer based job. I checked into the paid suveys, and they seem like too great a risk and alot of extra nonsense. I don't see any responses, to this post of your but I was wondering if you did get any good or bad feedback? This company sounded legit and the website was convincing...but that is just not enough these days. I'm a stay at home mom, and can't afford to lose needed $40 either. Thank you for your time.
    Please email me back and let me know what you've heard!
  3. pcwork

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    Avoid jobs where you have to pay a joining fee, they are likely to be scams!
  4. familymoses

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    This is summarized from my blog and should answer your questions about the Rebate Processor Job offer.


    There is a new Work From Home opportunity seen recently on the internet called Rebate Processor Jobs and accessible through Cold Cash Partners.

    Here is their offer, straight from their web site:

    Learn how to process simple customer rebates from home and earn $15 each GUARANTEED!

    They are not being straight forward with the offer. It is more than "processing simple rebates. " It is more like "typing at home with a twist."

    What they tell you, quoted directly from the landing page: "I will show you how I make money simply by filling out online forms. For each form I attach a special ID link that is assigned just for me and submit it online. I then check my account for orders processed, I verify the information, fill out another form and submit, I get $15! Believe me those small payments add up real quick!"

    What they DON'T tell you: First of all you will be placing ads, both free and paid, for affiliate programs you select from Clickbank. There is nothing wrong with doing that. Many people who have bought any of the programs that teach how to do that have discovered they really can make a lot of money online as an affiliate marketer.

    Second, what Cold Cash Partners also does not tell you is the rebates you process are the rebates you yourself offer when you place your ads!

    I have read and re-read the ad copy and there is NO WAY you could have figured that out before buying the product.

    And guess what. Because it is a digital product, and you get access to other things through Virtual Solutions, even though you have been duped about this offer, there are NO REFUNDS!

    Not only that, but offering rebates on Clickbank products is a clear and flagrant violation of Clickbank's Terms of Service #6e which states:
    "You agree to make no such promotions promising customers rebates, coupons, tickets, or vouchers in connection with their ClickBank purchase".

    Clickbank may suspend your account and hold your funds once they find you in violation.

    There are legitimate offers through Virtual Solutions, but the Rebate Processor Jobs isn't one of them.
  5. cybermommy

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    Sacm!A member from another forum I belong to spoke of this site not long ago,she was scammed and lost her money.
    Stay away form these and type-at-home sites.
    Never pay for a job,you wouldn't offline,so why should it be any different online?
  6. shurtlel

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    Do you guys realize the very scam site you are discussing advertises on the top of this page in the Google ads. Pretty ironic.
  7. happywife

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    It does seem ironic, but you have to understand how google ads work. The ads are generated based on the content of the page, especially around the ad.

    Because this particular thread is discussing a particular program, the ads that are showing are coinciding with it. Rather funny in this situation, but exactly what we want as adsense users. [​IMG]
  8. Marktech

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    Not only do the rip-off people who sign-up for the rebate processor program, they also rip-off affiliates.
  9. Svetka

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    Guys, do you know any REAL typing work from home?
    Thank you.

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