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    First off I am no math genius, but I do consider myself smart. But on this line I have had an awful time when clients call in demanding I explain the pricing and why they have Finance charges . Generally I feel as though I get lost in the set up. Had a client today who had me so confused I couldnt figure it out guess he had me flustered. wanted to now why if he pays in full each month why he has finance chgs. Is ther anybody out there that can explain in simple terms the best way to figure the chgs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I did call a P*L and they were no help. I think they should have a webinar on just explaining finance charges or a special line of mathmatical genuises dedicated to finance charge calculations all other aspects are easy to me but for some reason I am just not getting it. Calculations in math to say was not my best subject in school.
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    NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN IT!!! I quit even trying I just send out the letter on how C*t* calculates finance charges. It is not you that is stupid or horrible at math, they (C*t* ) are notorious for not only high APR's but charging people when they shouldn't and then trying to bicycle around why they did it. They leave us to deal with it and we take all the abuse and they take all the money.

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