Does anyone use Article Submission Software?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by jamesray50, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. jamesray50

    jamesray50 New Member

    Do you submitt your articles manually or do you use a software program, and if so, which one would you recommend? It is taking me forever to submit my article to several sites that I want to speed it up so I can write more articles. As always, thank you for your feedback.
  2. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello jamesray50,
    I wish I could offer advice.
    I manually write within Rapid Writer and submit my articles for the time being.
    It is time-consuming certainly.

    It will be nice to see what others contribute here.

  3. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    The main benefit of submitting to multiple article directories is actually getting backlinks, not traffic. For that, I would suggest Instant Article Submitter, but it does come with a price tag...
  4. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    Yes, I use a submitter and I've used article pro in the past. Not sure if it's better or worse than others but it is fine for me. The first time around it takes awhile to set up your account at each site. From there it's pretty quick.

    I highly suggest using one.

  5. writerros

    writerros New Member

    I use Article Marketer to submit to multiple directories.

    They have a free program - but it's best to upgrade to get your articles out to many directories.

    As I currently use the free version of AM, I also submit manually to big PR directories such as Ezine Articles. Once I can afford to pay for AM again, I won't need to do this as they are included.

  6. vinmann

    vinmann New Member

    Don't use fully automated submission software. Use semi-automat software so that it will look like manual submission. It will fill up the submission form and the only thing you have to do is to select the category and click the submit button. Most directories reject automatic submission.

    Now there are free article submission software available with minimum 100 article directories listed in it. They are promoting free software so that you can purchase their other offer or the upgraded version with more list. You have the list of important sites within the free version.

    Just do a search to get your software. I don't know the source as I lost mine when my computer was infected with virus and I have to do the search again.
  7. waltgem

    waltgem New Member

    Submitting manually to several of the top directories is a good way to start if you are new to article marketing. It will help you learn what is acceptable and what the article guidelines are. I would especially submit to EzineArticles.

    After 15 or 20 submissions then consider one of the automated programs. I personally prefer Submit Your Article because you can submit variations of a single article and they are one of the few who do submit to EzineArticles.

    Walt Gemmell

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  8. esolutions

    esolutions New Member

    Article submission be it manual or automatic is very time consuming (capatcha filling) & generally you are posting identical articles to multiple directories.

    If its backlinks you want then unfortunately many of the submitted articles will be filtered out by duplicate content filters over time loosing most of your hard work.

    Yes you get an instant hit of traffic with multiple similar article submissions but it doesn't last.

    The only real way to get backlinks that stick is to submit unique articles to each & every directory & blog.

    I use & recommend the unique article submitter & my article network.
  9. TyBrown

    TyBrown New Member

    I have a virtual assistant do all my article submissions. Takes a little money but very much worth it.
  10. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    Since I own a Mac I use a web-based article submitter. It's $37/month, but it submits to quality sites, and I've noticed big-named gurus use it, too.

    The cool thing is that you write extra sentences and paragraphs, and it comes with a technology that will swap those around when you publish it to the different directories so you're not sending out duplicate content. You don't want Google penalizing you for that.

    It also sends to big-named directories like Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Database, etc. You're only allowed to send a max of 8 articles a month, but they have a good approval service that takes just 24 hours, then if your articles are good to go, they post it right away.

    So if you don't like writing an article every single day of your life, then a good article submitter would be ideal. You have to pay, but it's worth the money.
  11. elle14

    elle14 New Member

    I tried using article post robot. And I find it good. It helps you to lessen your work. [​IMG] You just need to manage it well. And you can submit your article in many article directory[​IMG].

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