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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by salopps, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. salopps

    salopps New Member

    Hi - I'm based in the UK and have just joined after coming across this useful forum. Having scoured the posts it seems that there are very few legitimate money making programmes out there.
    Have desperately been looking for something for a while now.

    The one thing I dont want to do is have to recruit my personal contacts.

    Anyone recommend anything they've had personal success with without having to recruit people.

    Would appreciate hearing from you.
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    There are a few companies in UK that hire transcriptionists. You can also apply for freelance writing jobs
  3. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    Its all depends upon your skills, as you said this is useful forum just search around and choose the best one, there could very few companies staying for a while, dont pay any signup fee to any company to do a job.

    in my tip, visit and there you find some useful links in the job category and as well search jobs within your distinction.
  4. gregriv69

    gregriv69 New Member

    You can watch the signature lines of the members here . This is a great forum for home based work. You can do forum posting jobs also.
  5. DrewCharlie

    DrewCharlie New Member

    you can start a website for free and write about your interests.. Basically you can write about anything at all!

    add google adsense and you will earn money straight away.
    Start promoting your site and you can really earn some great money.

    good luck. and dont give up. Thats where most people fail
  6. locad

    locad New Member

    Hi Salima

    I've also just stumble across the forum.
    When you say you don't want to recruit, does that mean you want work that doesn't involve approaching people?

    Or is it that you want to avoid have to recruit people on whom you depend to earn?

    Interracting with people can be learned without the need for hard sell tactics. Business generally involves dealing with other people.

    Wish you well!
  7. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    When you start making good money withyour business, your friends and family will be asking YOU fro information. Its a good idea not to approach them about your business.

    This makes getting started a little harder. BUT it proves to your friends that you can show THEM how to build a business without chasing friends around.

    This means learning how to market the business, which is a very useful skill. I think the situation you would want to avoid is trying to recruit friends into a network marketing busiess YOU haven't made money with yet.

    When you can show people that you learned how to get web traffic and signups and you can be honest about how much work it took and what you learned - believe me, people will want to do business with you because what you are doing is FOR REAL.
  8. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    That being said, "warm market" face-to-face is the quickest way to build a network marketing organization. Its not what I do however. I did it all on the internet.
  9. mlmsupport_ws

    mlmsupport_ws New Member

    Quoting: saloppsThe one thing I don't want to do is have to recruit my personal contacts.

    Yes John, if your reason has anything to do with experience similar to the following, I can relate.

    Building personal contacts was one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome in my life as well. But one thing I have learned over the years is that those who build and maintain ongoing personal contacts are always happier and more successful in life. I have learned NOT to sell my personal contacts. However I do market them, and do it with success. Have you ever recommended to a friend or colleague a product or service you were happy with? We all have. Let me ask you, what was in it for you when you gave that recommendation. On the surface maybe nothing, but your recommendation help keep that product or service available. Network marketing and affiliate marketing are the same only with an added bonus of monetary reward. What ruins this for most people is that they get greedy and then start selling.

    Please feel free to visit my website [Link removed - Admin] it is still a work in progress just like I am, and will be until I successfully start pushing up flowers. On the home page I have published a report dealing with the categories of internet money making; and what to expect from the ones I have had experience with. You won't find any exaggerated hype there or hard sell tactics. What you will find is useful information that I hope helps you make informed decisions about whatever endeavor you undertake.
  10. mlmsupport_ws

    mlmsupport_ws New Member

    Quoting: malibumentor
    That being said, "warm market" face-to-face is the quickest way to build a network marketing organization. Its not what I do however. I did it all on the internet.

    If it is not what you do, how would you know if it is the quickest way? In life I have found this the quickest way to get discouraged, not build a business. So Let me ask; why do so many MLM or for that matter any form of Marketing company's power recruiters list the (personal contact, warm market and face-to-face) methods of recruiting or selling as the first steps of building your business? Is it because, like in my personal experience; "I have only seen that proven true by the so called super recruiters who are not using their warm market but rather yours."

    Quoting: malibumentorWhen you start making good money withyour business, your friends and family will be asking YOU fro information. Its a good idea not to approach them about your business.
    That is sound advice that will keep you from loosing your free dinner status. Thanks malibumentor

    Toby [​IMG]
  11. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    There are really two different ways to go about it fundamentally:

    - using people skills
    - using market skills

    I have people skills and I have invested in a lot of training to improve them. If you like talking with people, buying leads and calling them, etc... This can be viable. DaniJohnson teaches this approach.

    If you develop marketing skills you will spend your time reading and writing, etc... and people will buy the product or bizop based on the strength of the marketing. That's what I do. However I do deal in high-dollar stuff, so my potential business partners usually want to have a talk before they commit...

    I try not to put my entire foot in my mouth.

    I am not advocating belly-to-belly sales with the amateur approach taught by most MLM companies. Learning not to be obnoxious, overbearing, or self-centered takes some discipline. The trick is to locate and interview potential people.

    You CHOOSE who you will work with. Thats the secret. Don't go out and try to recruit every fool you can talk into going on autoship... seek out and interview people with business-building skills in place.

    Pick the cream of the crop.
  12. andreasn

    andreasn New Member

    I have just come across this forum and must say that it's great.
    I have tried every type of home based business and have only reacently stumbled across one that really works.
    As everyone says ' persistance is the aim of the game'.

    There are lots of opportunities out there it's up to you do search and find the one that you are going to give your full efforts to.

    I started my business one month ago and I'm slowly starting to see the rewards, still a way to go (mainly getting people to visit my site) but all in all it is a learning curve and I'm not willing to give up.

    Check out my site and see my reviews on home based business.
  13. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Hey welcome to the Forum Andrea. You might want to put in some HTML code on your page that limits the width so it displays like a sheet of paper. People are accustomed to reading in ceratin formats, so when the page spreads across the whole screen, they have a hard time.
  14. edim1

    edim1 New Member

    you dont wanna recruit ur friends family and anyone u know at first ... what u need to do is pick a biz (programs) is what i call them lol since is internet based and all it is just difrent kind of websites with difrent sales letter and pay plans and start promoting it the fastes way i found to make money or make it on internet is by advertising with search engines this way ur not talking to anyone at first once they come to visit ur website (program), biz. lol than u have option to call them back if they leave they info and after u start making some money with ur biz ur friensd family and evryoen u know will be begging u to tell them what u do and not other way around u begging them to join ur biz [​IMG] i only work in d morrning for about 2 hrs and at night for 2 more hrs just making sure my ads are working fine and ading new ones and tweeking them and testing.....evrything else is on auto pilot one of my website alone makes me anywhere from $300 to 1K a day thats just one of them [​IMG] and another good way to make money is with google adsense which is on autopilot once set up ...
    thats all from me for now [​IMG]
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  15. Wendi

    Wendi New Member

    Sometimes it takes a while to find what fits for you. Just keep doing your research like you are doing now. You will find the perfect fit.

    Have a Successful Day,
    Wendi Stark
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  16. gordon

    gordon New Member


    I'm new to this forum, but rather long in the tooth as far as NWM. I am
    also from the UK - Cheshire.

    I've said elsewhere that although our industry is known as Network
    Marketing, our task is to market an opportunity to build a network. So
    we are in the marketing industry.

    There are three types of people who will succeed in NWM

    1. People who bring developed marketing skills to the table and will
    use those skills immediately to find people
    2. People who don't have any marketing skills, but are willing and
    able to aquire those skills, whilst at the same time setting out to find
    3. People who don't have the any marketing skills, are not prepared
    to learn them, but are prepared to find people who are from #1. #2
    and like themselves, from #3.

    In my view, it helps if you have or aquire the skills, but it is not
    essential. What is essential is to keep finding people. That's what
    takes the time
  17. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Yes. Holly Mann's ebook works, and so does profit Lance. Those are the only 2 programs that have really worked for me.
  18. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    Network marketing is about building a relationship with people. When done right it is very powerful.

    How many jobs are there where you can single handedly help someone else earn a 6 figure income. There is nothing better than that in the world to me.

    The problem with MLM is there are a lot of people out there who aren't doing it right. They just want the quick buck. So they are doomed to fail.

    If you treat this as any other business and use real marketing tactics you can develop a network that changes your life. You will help people along the way and you will become rich doing it.

    You need to do three things:

    Pick an MLM that makes it money off of product sales
    Believe in your company and mission
    Have a great mentor!

    You do that and employ tactics both online and off and you will be on your way to a successful MLM career where you are in total control of your life.
  19. markharris

    markharris New Member

    A lot of good feedback in this thread ....

    No matter what you ultimately choose as a "work from home" business, nothing happens without a sale and without interacting with people.

    If you're offering your own skills as a freelance service, you have to market yourself and sell.

    With Network Marketing and MLM, even if you focus on the internet to find leads and recruit (and try to avoid the direct people contact), you will still have to interact with people and ultimately sell a product and a business opportunity.

    I think a number of people are initially attracted to internet marketing by the false appeal that it will isolate you from the direct people contact. The reality is that there are still people at the other end of that sale. A successful internet marketing business embraces this fact.

    Looking for the ultimate home based business that doesn't require any people interaction or sales skills is a bit of the "holy grail" really.

    I think a a better solution is to develop the people skills and the sales and marketing skills to achieve success in a home based business.

    [Link removed - Admin]
  20. Web Auto Income

    Web Auto Income New Member

    Personally I've tried a great deal many things on the Internet to make money from home, some of them worked, most did not.

    What I found out was the cold hard truth that no matter what you do, it's going to take a lot of work to make it successful. So many people have the impression that it's so easy to make a living from home, and the fact of the matter is it's not easy at all.

    There are so many things you could do to make a living online from home, so many different opportunities, but for me the best one of them all was "affiliate marketing", why?

    Because I learned the secret to affiliate marketing, it's all about the numbers, on the Internet it's a numbers game, and when you are able to get targeted (free) traffic to an affiliate site all automatically, then not only will you make money from that website, but more importantly you will make automatic money, another words you won't have to do anything else to make that money, (residual income).

    To me that's the best business there is on the Internet because you don't have anything to ship, no inventory, no phone calls, no overhead, no headaches. And once you get yourself up to the level you want to be at, you can basically retire, the websites will run themselves and you will get checks in the mail every month.

    Now here is the reality though, in order to get there you need to have two very important and crucial things. First you need to know what you're doing, simple as that, you need to have the right tools and know what you're doing.

    Second, you need to work hard, you can't just work 10 minutes a day and expect to get anywhere, and it's so easy to get lazy when you're at home.

    But if you have the right tools, and you know exactly what you're doing, and you're willing to work hard at it everyday, I kid you not you could retire in one year making a good solid 5K to 7K per month.

    But in my experience most people simply aren't willing to do the work, simple as that, only maybe 1 in 50 people will do it.

    I got so sick and tired of all the scams on the Internet, and being scammed myself, that I created my own system that works, now I teach that system through a 13 hour video course.

    But do you know what I found? Seriously, I kid you not, at least half the people who have bought my course don't even watch the whole thing, lol.

    The reality is most people simply won't do any work, or at least the work necessary to make it, and I suppose that's true for all business in the world, in order to make it you must work hard at it, and you must know what you're doing.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd give my two cents and vent a little [​IMG]

    I think there is so much opportunity out there for anyone who is willing to work hard, and with affiliate marketing if you put in the hard work, just put your head down and focus, working hard everyday, there will come a day when you will reach a financial comfort level and then you can retire, no matter what your age is.

    I have reached that level myself, I have a little over 100 affiliate marketing websites online and I make a really nice living from them.

    My motto is a very old one, "you reap what you sow".

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