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  1. Knowledge Kick

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    Has anyone used to great success? I signed up yesterday and I've made about $60 already but I was wondering how I could make hundreds or even thousands?

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  2. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    My personal opinion is to stay away from this one. Let's be realistic here - what is the product?

    The website says you get cash rewards for every new member you bring in. But what are you bringing them into?

    It would appear the only thing happening here is that you pay to join up. And everyone you get to join you - you will get paid for them joining up. They join up to do the same thing as you. But there is no real product.

    I would be very skeptical about this one.
  3. freezone

    freezone New Member

    Pay in order to get paid, duh?[​IMG]

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