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    what does it mean that a domain is parked? The company that is helping me to setup my website is stuck because it seems like the domain is parked by the owner (me), or the domain registrar? I've contacted godaddy as that is where i bought the domain from, but no response yet. Is this something i can undo by myself by simply going to my account with godaddy?
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    You can usually take care of things in your godaddy account - did you try calling them at godaddy? They are very helpful and will show you how to do it.
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    Thanks a lot for your prompt response. Luckily i managed to find a support section on the website so i raised an enquiry via email. Unfortunately i'm not in the US so an international call would cost me an arm and a leg. Thye promised me response in 24 hrs (i hope they keep to it.).

    Just for intrest sake, what does it mean that a domain is parked??
    I'm very new in this business.
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    mbsa, domains are parked normally when you purchase them form godaddy,
    Are you looking to set your domain name servers so your domain connects with your host? If yes then follow these steps (or if you want to forward your domain to another site you can follow the below steps

    login to godaddy.
    Click on domain manager / account manager.
    On the top toolbar you'll see Nameservers / Forward
    If you want to forward to a site (Ie when they type in your domain it goes to www.somesite/affiliateprogram/) click on forwarding and type in the required information.
    if you want to point ot your webhost.. click on nameservers and use the nameservers your host provided to you in the welcome e-mail.

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