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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by tnn221, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. tnn221

    tnn221 New Member

    Has anybody heard of Downline Builder Direct? If so, are you using it and getting the results as claimed from the subscriber base? I was debating making the investment.
  2. getreffs

    getreffs Guest

    Yes that is also good.
    But i am using another Downliner Builder.
    That is also very good.
  3. vinnymatrix

    vinnymatrix Guest

    The best downline builder is yourself. Generate your own list and get yourself out there. The more you exploit yourself the bigger you will be. Soon enough you will be having downlines coming to you!

  4. LawrenceTam

    LawrenceTam New Member

    I use downlinebuilder I highly recommend it for 2 main reasons

    1) Cheap compared to other list builders
    2) Auto send messages

    Now of the 3 that I do use, this converts a little lower than my premium list builder but for what you pay, it's not bad at all.

    There are better list builders but cost a bit more and not as automated.
  5. paidgamer

    paidgamer New Member

    How much does downlinebuilder cost? If the costs outweigh the benefits and your downline can not afford it as well, duplication is not occuring. You will be building a downline who doesn't have the same tools that you have. I was taught that the best way to build your downline is to brand and then build yourself. I like Vinny's comment "the best downlinebuilder is yourself." Brand yourself and whatever your strength is STICK TO IT. I hate cold calling, but I love writing articles and squidoo lenses. I feel like my strength is writing so that is what I do to build my downline. I try to write quality articles that provide some type of value. If they can remember just one jewel that I left, they will keep me in mind when they finally decide what they want to do. A good friend of mine loves talking face to face or on the phone. He built most of his organization on the phone. Everyone in your downline is not going to be able to duplicate exactly what you do. Everyone does not like writing articles, everyone does not like cold calling, some people refuse to use the internet to build their business and prefer straight "old school tactics". Get to know the people in your downline and what their strengths are and guide them to be the best at that particular aspect.
  6. LawrenceTam

    LawrenceTam New Member

    I believe i paid $140 after the 2nd OTO.

    considering it posts a message every 2 days on my behalf I can't complain at all.

    This tool can be used to promote ANYTHING. not just your primary business.

    leverage tools to get better exposure. I guess a tool is only as good as it's user?
  7. Kurt Henninger

    Kurt Henninger New Member

    I agree with Vinny, the best way to build a downline is to actually do marketing and generate leads yourself and position yourself as a solution provider.
  8. mikebizz

    mikebizz New Member

    the best way to use any kind of list builder is to, have short, very interesting subject line and extremely vague but intriguing ad copy.

    You want the reader to stop reading emails, so that's your focus, what will get the reader to stop reading and move to where you want them.

    Once that is accomplished, you want to have a offer that is target to the audience you're presenting to, this offer should be on a page with an opt-in form, never drive traffic to the main offer using list builders/safelists/downline builders. It's pretty straight forward, you build your own list to build a relationship with.

    Use plr product to rebrand to your self and give away to your list and even as your offer on the opt in page. The supply is endless in many different markets/niches/verticals.

    This applies to all types of list builders, but above and beyond be sure to test, test, test and test some more, the magic bullet DOES NOT EXSIST.

    Another thing, don't count on one traffic generating tool or method, you need to apply has many as you can learn, those are endless as well, hope this helps.
  9. gjohansson1

    gjohansson1 New Member

    I highly recommend anything from Mike and Bill, but you have to always be building your own list in list builders such as this one. Products don't sell well on the front.

    Definitely sign up but if you do, make sure you upgrade because the free membership only lets you mail 200 random members every 30 days.
  10. Elur MLM

    Elur MLM New Member

    The best downline builder is not a system... is yourself.

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