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  1. David21

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    Hey everyone I joined regenesis 2x2 like 2 1/2 or 3 months ago and I started of very well at the beginning! Then as more people started to join it started getting harder to get sign ups with all the competition going around. So I was looking for ways to promote regenesis more and in a forum I ran across a program that was going to be released called is family based community were everyone unites together and works as 1. This seems real powerful because if we all worked together there would be no competitions no sponsors to choose from and everyone would benefit! Then someone told me that you couldn't sign up again under another sponsor if you are already in regenesis 2x2. So I called regenesis it did take 3 hours to be on hold but then I finally talked to someone. I told them I wasn't happy under the sponsor I was under and if there was a way I can sign up under another sponsor? They told me the only way is put your first name initial and your full middle and last name. So I was happy! but just to make sure I emailed them and told them the same thing and they told me the same thing. So i am going to give this program a chance and keep everyone posted on my results. In my opinion its worth investing in another cc. I am not the owner of the website so if have more details questions you can contact them. Good Luck to everyone and want here your reviews and thoughts about this!
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    I'm number 4th on the list, so i can't wait to see if downlineblaster really works...
  3. David21

    David21 New Member

    This program is going to be great for people who struggling to get sign ups. I am 10th on the list and I am very excited cant wait! Keep everyone posted on my results.

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