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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by tree1105, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. tree1105

    tree1105 New Member

    I've been working for West since Aug, 2008. For the past week or so I've noticed the spectrum is super slow when picking up trades. I know when alot of people are on and trying to pick up trades it slows it down. But in the past I was always able to pick up some. Now its nearly impossible. Once I select the trade, quickly I might add, it takes so much time for spectrum to process it that by that time its gone. Its so frustrating since this is how I was always able to pick up some additional hours. We all know at DR the hours are posted all through the week so unless you have time to sit and watch for those hours everyday, there is no way you can pick up hours for a full week. I usually get lucky and log in when hours are just getting posted. And the days I miss, I just pick up some trades. Well, I'm not able to get any now. I don't know if its the server thats slow or my computer. I'm ready to reboot just to be sure. My computer is brand new and never lags.

    I guess I'm ranting and raving here, so sorry about that. I'm just frustrated. So....Is anyone else having this issue lately?

    Thanks for listening, y"all. [​IMG]
  2. muffinlou

    muffinlou New Member

    hello tree1105,
    no it isn't just you. that is the way it is on the V* project as well. They dont' put up hours until they are ready to. then the system is so slow. you lucky if you can get an hour.,,most of the time just 30 min here or there. You know this isn't right because how can you say to people work when you want.....then if your not able to sit in front of your computer for hours and days, to try to get work...how does this make any sense?

    They have some realy issues.
  3. tree1105

    tree1105 New Member

    I actually average about 15 hours a week. And like I said before, I usually don't have that much trouble picking up some trades to compensate for when I'm not there on spectrum when they do post new hours. But for the last couple of weeks spectrum is soooo slow. Now today, 4/2/08 spectrum actually started picking up speed. Hopefully it will just get better.
  4. nicenitac

    nicenitac New Member

    I have the same issue. I often think that some employees have an automatic program that actually schedules. When I was a contractor, West put out a messge that the contractors were not to use automated scheduling systems. I did not know there was such a thing but apparently there is. Does anyone else know about this. I would really like to pick up some more hours and I have been sitting here in front of my computer for over 3 hours just clicking and picking. I managed to pick up 16 hours. I really would like more. Live Nation hours are almost impossible to get as well as DR
  5. momof3boys

    momof3boys New Member

    I don't know about the scheduling program, but I am interested if that is true. I do know that the past month or so it seems they have cut back the number of people on the phones since it has been so slow, before I could easily get 20 hours a week, I am now lucky to get 5-10 hrs a week. It seems like I am never on when they post hours and since there are fewer available they are gone in a hot second, and honestly I feel like I spend more time stalking spectrum than I actually work. I agree with you, its VERY frustrating, I never had a problem getting hours/trades before.
  6. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    OMG, yes, I am having the same problem so I hear ya!! I stalk Spectrum all the time - I'm sure they see me logged in and say, "There she is again!"!

    I do think that they give the 1s the pick of the hours first because when they had me as a 1 for about 2 weeks, hours were easy to obtain. NOW, I have to stalk it constantly but still manage to get anywhere between 10 and 15 hours per week... [​IMG]

    Hang in there and keep refreshing!!

  7. momof3boys

    momof3boys New Member

    Well they were doing it that way for about a month, and I have been a 1 so it was easier to get some hours, but I'm not sure if too many people complained or what the reason was, but I was told by 2 different PALS that they are no longer doing it that way, it is first come first serve, no one gets 1st dibs anymore, everyone sees the hours at the same time. I just think there are so many of us active on DR and not enough hours right now so when they are posted they are gone...it is very frustrating but I'm hoping that I either get offered another skill (which I have heard that won't happen on DR) or they start putting up more hours. Good luck!
  8. tree1105

    tree1105 New Member

    when you say 1 or 2 I assume you are talking about ranking, right? I've been in both 1 and 2 ranking and the hours seem to be posted the same. I'm just talking about how slow spectrum is running. Sometimes its fine, you just have to be fast and lucky to get those trades. And sometimes the spectrum is super slow, like i click on the trade I want and it takes forever just for spectrum to "process it". So by the time it does process it its gone. Now the past week or so its been moving along better, sometimes. I've been able to pick up some trades anyway. And I managed to get about 22 hours, not like when i first started working for DR in Sept. 2008, I was getting 40 hrs a week. Then again, I did live on spectrum to get those hours and I don't now. I understand picking up new hours posted is in the luck of being on spectrum when they're posted. My concern is picking up trades, I think the server is slow. Probably because so many people are also trying to pick them up. I'm not complaining though cuz I love this job: its easy, I get to pick my time to work and the customers are usually cool. My sister works for c*ti and she takes call after call and alot of the customers are angry. As DR reps, our calls do have some time in between which is nice. So, no complaints. Thanks for everyone's response!

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