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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Danielle19755, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Danielle19755

    Danielle19755 New Member

    Hello. Just finished all the DR training.. I have a question about the pay per minute pay scale. Does that mean if you take no calls on a 30 minute shift, you dont get paid? Thanks
  2. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    I don't do DR but I'm pretty sure that even if you don't take any calls you are still going to earn the minimum wage for your state.
  3. joeboxer337

    joeboxer337 New Member

    By law you are an employee and they must pay you minimum wage....even for no calls..........
  4. Danielle19755

    Danielle19755 New Member

    [​IMG] Thank you!!
  5. kandmh

    kandmh New Member

    That is correct if you take 0 calls, you get your states minimum wage per hour. If you earn more than min wage by taking more calls at your quoted rate of .15, .19, etc cents per hour, then you get whichever is greater. So it's "possible" to make more than miniumum wage. Also commisions are available on certain products and upsells.
  6. phonemom

    phonemom New Member

    I'm confused, because I worked last night for 5.5 hours and answered only 19 calls.

    I just checked my pay and says I talked 326 minutes and earned a whopping 12.08 - well below minimum wage.

    I'm a little discouraged. This is my third week and I'm starting to feel like all this sitting around is not worth it if I'm not going to be paid. The calls are few and far between. Help!
  7. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    Hi Danielle! Yes, sometimes you will sit there for up to 1/2 hour and no calls...but, hey, you still get minimum wage for your state to sit there and be at the ready! LOL Other times, you may have calls back to back too!

    You can always check what your approximate pay will be by checking the Pay Information section - then Pay Detail - once you login to West. It will have your logged time in minutes and also in seconds!

    Good luck and let us know if you need anything! [​IMG]

  8. momof3boys

    momof3boys New Member

    PHONEMOM, the pay shown on pay detail during the work week is your talk time. At the end of the pay period they will make any adjustments if needed to your pay. You will get paid talk time or min wage whichever is greater. I usually work nights so for me I rarely make more than min wage as the calls are slower at night. I have found it is steadier during the day, however I have a little one so I can only grab a shift here and there when he is napping. Hang in there and good luck [​IMG]
  9. shortylow2008

    shortylow2008 New Member

    Don't look to get much for upsells and APO's though. So far I have gotten a whopping $1.50, and that was not even for my big money sales, I got nothing for the big ones.

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