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  1. nickel01

    nickel01 New Member

    Hey everyone, I am a new hire at west and have learned quite a bit from reading all of your posts. I have a couple questions for all of the seasoned agents out there:

    1. Is DR (Direct Response) as bad as everyone says it is? As far as skills go that is my only choice right now, and I haven't signed up for the training yet cause I am a bit nervous from what I've read.
    What would you guys suggest?

    2. Does anyone enjoy doing DR or have any suggestions about making it more pleasent?

    3.How many upsells are ther during the typical phone call?

    4. Are there alot of hours with DR, and can you make alot of money doing it?

    5. If I do the training and decide I don't want this skill how will it affect my status as an employee with West.

    Sorry to unload all of these questions on everyone......

    Thanks for all who respond

  2. nickel01

    nickel01 New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I have one more question. I read that West offers a skill with Toys R Us......What has been everyones experiences with Toys R Us?

    Thanks again to all who respond

  3. SAHM70

    SAHM70 New Member

    I think I applied like 2 to 3 months ago and I just got the email asking me to fill out all the forms. (I actually forgot I applied!!) I have finished that step and now I need to make copies of my SS card, DL and get that form notarized. Is it best to just scan these and email them in since you only have a 3 day window? Will I have to send the hard copy in the mail anyway? How long will it be before I hear on the next step? I have read so many different answers on this. Some people hear back right away and others are sending in papers 2 or 3 times and still no response weeks and weeks later.

    Does anyone know how the hours have been recently? Do you get your pick or do you have to scrounge for whatever they have available? I do not have a land line yet because everyone in our house has their own cell phone besides the 2 year old. haha Should I get the land line set up immediately or will it be a month or more before I even hear anything frm anyone? I hate wasting money and dont want to do anything prematurely.

    I read on another thread that someone had a Vontage Flash Drive V-phone. Please tell me if this is compatable with the West system and for anyone who has this if they recommend it! Thanks!! I know this is a lot, but I want to make sure I get all the info out there!
  4. caterina461

    caterina461 New Member

    I just got hired with West and I'm in training right now. DR was the only skill available to me too, and I've been reading posts with various different responses on West. I work for another company right now but I'm tired of doing collection work and having angry customers yelling at me all day so I need a change, and want some freedom with my schedule. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make enough money with West though, so I'm worried about that. I get an hourly rate now but the calls are non stop and I hate it.

    My question - if a seasoned West employee is reading this post -
    Do you get paid only if you take calls? If you schedule yourself for 20 hours and an hour goes by with no calls, you make nothing? If that's the case I may want to re-think this. Also, if you get these upsells they push so much, do you make more or do you make the same per minute rate no matter what?
  5. capricole

    capricole New Member

    does anyone here know about the ranking status for DR? Im new to west and was wondering how this works?
  6. momof3boys

    momof3boys New Member

    I have been working for West for about 2 months now and I also work DR. If I had found this forum before I started with West I might not have picked DR because there is so much negative stuff on here. Honestly though its not as bad as everyone says....there are a lot of upsells and apo's and at first it bothered me but now I just follow the scripting and its really no big deal, I just don't take it personally if they say no or start to get a little annoyed. And half the calls you take are just getting customers information - no selling. The DR p*ls are really great too. You don't get paid extra for the upsells, there are a couple of products you get commission on but I haven't had any of those. Its not really hard to meet the min. goals..the only one I have had a problem keeping is the short read...but I think its just because I was rushing through too fast...as for the pay..I don't think you will get rich but it is ok extra money, I work about 20 hrs a week (mostly nights) and you get paid by talk min or min wage wichever is greater. Hope this helps and good luck..

    PS I have a friend that works the T**s R *S and she says its a nightmare right now they are having alot of system issues. I'm sure once they work it out it will be fine..that skill seems pretty easy though plain customer service
  7. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    capricole, if you sign into west then click on Support, then click on FAQS you can type in DR and it will bring up the information that you need. HTH

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