Earn money from affiliate program is very easy.

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by sarpras, May 3, 2006.

  1. sarpras

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    Simple steps for earn money from affiliate program.
    1. Choose best 3 to 5 affiliate product. Only select high commission affiliate product.
    2. Design webpage for your selected product.
    3. Prepare best articles related to your product. Do not use affiliate link within the article. In the resources box you can post link to your website.
    4. Submite articles to more than 100 article directory. Your article also reprinted by other website.

    Doing this steps your affiliate webpage get high targeted traffic. Your affiliate commission increased.
  2. Alien

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  3. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Did you notice? Even the author is changed!
  4. netjobs

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    Also, Search Engines are now not supporting this kind of ariticle sites.... kokkada.com, so the traffic is bit hard to get success... [​IMG]
  5. equest

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    I think that a better way to use articles is to load a series of them into an autoresponder and then add the autoresponder e-mail address into the body of the article you are writing as a helpful resource. Another good idea is to write a mini e-book relevant to the topic of your affiliate programme and give it away for free. Of course, it must have you affiliate links in it. You can make the e-book viral by letting others pass it on. In this way you will get tons of exposure. List your e-book at the free e-book directories as well.
  6. tltfaas

    tltfaas New Member

    I recommend compiling your articles in e-book format and have people pull it from your web site for free. It's worked well for me.

  7. krispy55

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  8. twnuck

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    I'm here to tell you that article submission works - period. Yes, people can steal your articles and rehash them with their links. But, that's the risk you take for free advertising. I use Article Submitter which does take some time to set up but once you do you can publish to sites in a very short time. And, even if you just focus on the sites with the highest page ranks you will be better off.

    When I submitted my first article I was skeptical but then I typed in my articles name into MSN a week later and found 15 sites pointing to it AND thus pointing to my website. So, I had already started to create link popularity for my site immediately. And, you create confidence in yourself because you are looked at as more of an expert. And, in an internet based business establishing credibility is golden!

  9. Looking

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    Thanks so much for this. But the only thing you left out in you post is how to promote your page.
  10. thebestguru

    thebestguru New Member

    I do agree too that Article Marketing works.

    Yes, there are a few 'lazy' people who would steal your work, but I assure you there are many that are honest.

    About the problems pointed out by Alien, the article could be a private label one. That is, an article that is sold publicly, and can be edited and claimed with you as the author.

    Buying private label articles can save your time of writing. But it has downsides:

    1. You have to pay them.
    2. You have to edit them, otherwise the problem above would occur.
    3. The articles don't match your need.

    Anyways, article marketing works as there are many people submitting their articles at my website:

    [Link removed - Admin]

    And there are many webmaster using the articles submitted at their website.
  11. LifeofEgypt

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    Of course if you are writing a article in a saturated field then your article becomes close to pointless. You MUST have a niche website and article subject that is not similiar to 5 million other articles and websites. Choose a under-promoted niche subject, set up your site and write your articles. The traffic will find you.
  12. iceni

    iceni New Member

    I find the level of articles on the whole high. I use articles (with full attributes) from directories, articles I have written and articles others have written for me for free on my main resource site.

    I have also written a free e-book that visitors can download. This has increased my visitors dramatically and I now intend to submit my e-book and some of my articles to increase the traffic.

    I am great on the technical side but having written techincal manuals for more years than I dare to count, writing articles is taking some learning at my end.

    Yes articles work and as far as I can see benefit both the writer and the site owner who wishes to use them.

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