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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by merline, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. merline

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    I would like to know if there are free ways to earn money with a website.

  2. mountainmom5

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  3. Hemjoe

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    There are a few free ways you can earn money with a website,

    Blogging is a completely free way
    Depending on the traffic to your blog will ultimately decide how much you make but with a steady stream of vistors a few google ads (adsense) or a few affiliate links could make you some money.
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    The two best ways I find to bring traffic to my websites are, article marketing with your chosen keywords pointing to your websites & building high rank backlinks, with the keywords pointing to your articles & websites.

    This builds up link juice & also increases viewers for your articles &
    therefore a win win situation.

    Mark [​IMG]
  5. VictoriaNTC

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    There are many, many ways.
    You could Google it and research for a week!

  6. FreeCashMan

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    A good blog, promoted well can make you money via affiliate products, ads on your site, or other things you may want to market. It works if you get your site (blog) out there in internet land.
  7. OnlineIncome

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    There are many different ways to make money online. You can make money via Ezine marketing, MLM (multi-level marketing), PTC (Paid to click) and Google Adwords via Blogging or your own website.

    Depending on your experience with online marketing blogging or PTC may be the easiest ways to get started.
  8. HobbiesMann

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    Just to mention one way I am earning money online is through my fishing blogs.

    I started blogging by sharing my fishing experiences and then adding affiliate links to products I use while fishing.

    When I share how they work for me many of my readers just have to try them for themselves and I make sales.

    Note: I make my posts localized so that I get more readers from my area, that way they relate more to my content.
  9. 1life1fire

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    Hi Merline!
    Hope you're having a good day!

    You just asked "how to make money with a website" ... you didn't disclose if you actually have a website. But gonna assume you already have a domain name by the way you asked the question.

    Here's my advice... If you are already trying to make money in a particlular niche... think to yourself ... "How am I trying to make money with this niche? What exactly do I need to do to make money with my website?"

    Once you answer those questions ...

    You could begin selling the Answers to that "problem" or "question" to other people in that same niche... using your website to do that.

    That's what I did when I started online in 2002 ... I started selling on my domain what people in my same niche needed... and have been making money online ever since.

    Or... Set up Splash/Squeeze pages to whatever product you're trying to sell... that way when people are interested they "Click Here" for more info ... then take them to the real sales page.... clickbank product or commission junction product or whatever...

    Hope this helps you brainstorm!
    My "hurricane" goes on 24/7 - LOL!
  10. bOsiNg

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    Apply for Affiliate with Amazon. They have a very wide range of products. Choose a product that you are well verse and promote them in your website/blogs. If you use google blogs, apply also for adsense.
  11. dougster77

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    Try using mutiple income avenues at once and see what works for you.
  12. bosco

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    1life1fire: You just asked "how to make money with a website" ... you didn't disclose if you actually have a website. But gonna assume you already have a domain name by the way you asked the question.

    S/he did ask about FREE ways, so I'm assuming no domain at the time of the question, at least.

    There are free hosts but you are very limited and it reflects poorly on you.
    Blogger blogs are free and while it's not the best reflection, you could use it to make money to be able to pay for hosting.

    Basically you need to spend about $30 for a domain, hosting and autoresponder.

    You want to use a squeeze page to give something of value away in exchange for their email address, so you can give more valuable info away in your email campaign,.

    After building a rapport by providing a lot of free value, you can make some offers for products that will be helpful and some of your list will buy.

    So you need to learn some basic skills and spend $30 a month.

    Article marketing and forum marketing are good ways to get some targeted traffic to your squeeze page.

    If you're just using a blogger blog, you can't make a squeeze page
    or give free downloads,, but you can make adsense cash but hosting ads, and / or make affiliate sales. You'll need to put up some compelling content, so again, we come to the need for skills.

    Article marketing to make affiliate cash can be done without a website and absolutely free, but a lot of time and effort.

    I'm hardly an expert, but I know what I need to be doing, and am
    on my way. I can't relate how great it feels to actually be learning skills, instead of just clicking ads or paying money for some elusive magic bullet.
  13. williammurray

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    website cannot earn money for you, it is marketing that help in getting money through your website.
  14. talfighel

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    If you want to make real money online then you need to get that "FREE" out of your mind.

    Those who are looking for a free website and free hosting, and free advertising, and free everything, are NOT SERIOUS about making money online. That is how I see it.

    It does take money to make money online. You do need to invest in all the tools like a website which you can register at Godaddy.com. Hosting account, email auto-responder, etc.

    If you are looking for free in everything online, then you are not serious and you will not make it in the long run. Period.


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