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  1. sandovalge

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    Hi p3pp3rmint,

    I just joined the forum today and saw your posting and hope I can answer your questions. Products do exist, once you join you'll have complete access with reseller rights to 100's of software titles.

    Just do a search for Jeffrey Combs, Ellie Drake or Sebastian Saldarriaga S. as EDC Diamond comes with their self-improvement products for your to use. Plus, do a search on eBay for internet sofware and a lot of the stuff you see there is available in your EDC back-office. Even if you sold a bundle of software for $9.99 on eBay and sold 5 per day, that would bring you a little chunk of change at the end of the month.

    The true power of EDC is the ability to market the entire system to other people wanting to get started with an online business. I personally use forums, Craigslist and other "free" sources to generate traffic and paid marketing too! It all depends how much you are willing to put into it! It's a business and anyone looking into EDC needs to take that attitude. It's not a get rich scheme or anything like that, it does take work.

    My capture page is located on my signature line. Optin and check out how I market the system, I promise I won't bother you and you can always unsusbcribe. You can also send me a personal message if I can be of assistance.

    Take care,

  2. Bigrich

    Bigrich New Member

    p3,,,,,you can only access the products once you become a paid member of EDC. Believe me we have over 2000+. I sold quite a few. Alot of people not interested in joining anything on the net buy alot of them as they are targeted to all walks of life, hobbies, special interest etc....Get on one of the overview calls, and listen to Craig and what we have to offer.
  3. p3pp3rmint

    p3pp3rmint New Member

    Thanks guys, I think I had most of my questions answered, but the one about the products was misunderstood. I just hadn't been able to find any places directly linked to the EDC members that were selling anything, only sites that wanted me to sign up as an EDC member. I'm gonna check ebay and see if I see them there. I'm talking with my friend today about joining, so hopefully I'll find out a lot more from that.

    So you get the software when you sign up for EDC, and you can do whatever you want with it, right? That's what it says on the sites, that you can even give it away for free as samples...but how is it that, no matter what you sell it for, they always pay you that huge amount per sale? It sounds to me like every sale would have to be worth exactly or more than the $350 or whatever you get on each sale, which sounds like there's money coming out of nowhere just to pay you...
  4. emmjay

    emmjay New Member

    Those large commisions are made on the sale of EDC memberships and not on selling the product.You get the reseller rights for the product so that you can break them up and sell them individually for however much you want.Hope this helps.
  5. p3pp3rmint

    p3pp3rmint New Member

    Sandovalge, I got an email from Team G2 after signing up to the 2nd site on your sig. One of the things it said was, "EDC Diamond owners put their phone number on the website, answer
    calls, and will enroll your customers FOR YOU!"

    I've seen the places on EDC websites where the owners put up their numbers, but, like the large commisions emmjay mentioned, I'm guessing this is for selling EDC memberships?

    What I've been looking for is if someone has a website where they sell this stuff, not just eBay. I really don't want to rely on selling EDC memberships to actually profit off of being a member. It's way too similar to the pyramid schemes I've nearly been roped into before, and it sounds like it's just going to flood the market and no one will be making money soon, except for those who convince others to get EDC memberships. How much of a percentage of profit is actually from the software instead of EDC memberships?

    What if I just want to look at someone's website to see what they're selling or how they have it set up?
  6. EthosKeeper

    EthosKeeper New Member

    I think most of my questions have been answered by the above, and my central focus is a bit different approach. As much as I can appreciate the software that's listed, I am all for the marketing, and recruiting, more over the product sales. Truth be told, I can think of several ways to market just the products, but I think the key is building a team.

    I just found out about EDC today, and already I've spoken to my sponsor twice on the phone today. Also, I liked the video email, whereas, I actually had a face to go with the person I was speaking with. I say sponsor, but I haven't signed up yet. In fact, he's asked me to wait until after I hear the conference call on Mon. I am on my first day as a guest.

    Rather than pester him any more today, I would like to know...for those who cannot afford the Dia level entry, and choose one of the lesser out of pocket entry levels, Has anyone here been able to move into the higher position? And if so, how long did it take?

    Truth be told, I see this as a great opportunity, and I'm very excited to get started. However, it concerns me if I start at the mid level entry, if it will slow my success.

    Either way, I like the marketing design, compensation plan, and back office information, and all I've been reading up on all day. I think this has some serious potential, and saturation to me is how many McDonalds workers will be there tomorrow, and the day after, etc... No pune intented, but metaphorically, there are millions of people such as myself who have worked 20 years, owning and running a business who I believe would love this opportunity!

  7. goodedc

    goodedc New Member

    Here is my two cents for p3:

    I agree that many EDC promoters' website make EDC gold in a position of pyramid scheme, too much effort is allocated to the "come on join me and make the $$$ per day" marketing way. Few of them are really telling people what the heck they can benefit from those products. I joined the EDC a while ago, luckily get a mentor who focus on promoting the products mainly instead of only underlining the potential ability to make big money. Here is my personal experiences about those software and ebooks, although they are too much to explain one by one in detail. Those software are useful for build your website to a better appealing way, or make a affiliate program to promote your products. Many tools are useful for Internet marketing too, like the article submitter, my favorite. For ebooks, many are PLR labeled, you best try is to re-write them or re-organize them to resell them. I shared some of ebooks about ebay success to several my friends who do business on ebay, they comment those are useful information. For a trial member, you don' t have access to all those products, but since EDC has the 3 days refund policy, technically, you can pay the money to upline first to peep those software, script, ebooks, if you are not satisfied with the products, you can ask for the refund within 3 days. So far, I don't know whether such situation happens in the EDC world. For me, I will follow the rule to refund my unhappy customer within 3 days.

    I maybe didn't explain those products in details, if you have more question, you can reply me under my message.

    have a nice weekend.
  8. EDCbeat

    EDCbeat New Member

    goodedc: actually I think EDC stop doing the 3days refund policy, since some people join and download the digital media then leave and after a while start there own business selling the products or something else.
  9. EthosKeeper

    EthosKeeper New Member

    After reviewing Ina's youtube vids, I gotta say for anyone considering joining EDC like myself, I can appreciate the fact that there is a seperate training Co-op program in place that offers extensive training for "newbies" to internet marketing techniques.

    I can see myself doing very well with this company, and so far the personal communication from it's members has been fast, non pressuring, and very insightful.

    I assume goodedc you've been there awhile? I was wondering because I noticed their plan changed a bit, and the 3 entry levels costs have changed. I see this as a good thing though. My sponsor also mentioned something new is getting ready to break offering members even more opportunity to male money retailing the products.

    Eitherway, I'm excited about this, and hope to learn the basics regarding the automated responders, and lead generators rather quickly, as I know little about any of the use of these items.

    EDC Dia here I come! To the future of success.

  10. goodedc

    goodedc New Member

    Hello Art:

    Yes, I have been reading posts in this forum for a while, but literally yesterday's post is my first post here after I decided to sort things out for p3. Something changed after the EDC update happened about 2 weeks ago. By the way, for residual payment to your upline, i feel it's not mandatory, some upline maybe not strict with this fee.
    Anyway, what I want to say is that you will get great traing from EDC program, it will show you the way actually how to promote your own website or business (online or offline)! It will benefit you in the future regardless whether you will sell EDC or your own products/service.

    But remember to take your time when learning new things, the initial sales breakout won't happen overnight.


  11. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    You can get many of the Private Label Rights (PLR) products EDC started out with at NicheEmpires.com for $67.oo - certainly less of a risk in terms of the cost of acquiring the distribution rights to many of the products.

    PLR is a very different form of internet marketing from selling "income opportunties" - its not better or worse... just different and it requires a different style of marketing to be successful with it.
  12. EDCbeat

    EDCbeat New Member

    mali. thats why EDC stop doing the refund policy. Some people join, have all the software and then leave! But...yes..But EDC lunched the diamond level which include new products and a new line into the self development and social aspects. Also, they are working in providing your own web store for free...to sell all the product with affordable prices.

    Doing that EDC give you all what other companies give plus more and more new products to come.
  13. EthosKeeper

    EthosKeeper New Member

    Mailibu, Thanks for your advice the other day, enjoyed speaking with you, opened my mind to expanding the whole marketing concept. Whereas, newbie's like me, might not "see" all the angles of prospecting and getting a grip on things.

    I just got out of the guest sign in, and listened to the EDC live training, it appears they are offering an affiliate site, whereas, EDC members can now explore a real estate program with a cheap entry fee as well (I think it was $97). Being that I personally have to concentrate on honing my personal and internet marketing skills, it's not something I'd do right away, but offers the seasoned marketer another tool, or resource to collect some commisions. I thought that was pretty cool, merging the two together.

  14. BeHomeToday

    BeHomeToday New Member

    Hello everyone. I wanted to share my opinion about EDC. I understand that it is a business and with that you will have the good and the bad. I was in EDC from April until just recently having been shown a better way. I just got tired of seeing the owners threatening to can someone all the time, and also feeling the stress of my downline having to give up two sales before they make anything, caused me to open my eyes to other possibilities. I have found a business that has the most integrity I've seen out there, and you make money immediately instead of passing up any sales. I believe everyone should check out all their options before making a decision.
  15. goodedc

    goodedc New Member

    hello behometoday:

    first one small question: Quoting: BeHomeTodayI just got tired of seeing the owners threatening to can someone all the time,

    what is that can mean?

    second seriously: what strategy your team use (from your upline pass to you then your downline), just autoresponder and try to drive traffic or something else? If you and your downline is still in this program, could you please tell me your site address, I just want to offer a little suggestion if I could.

    thank you.

    Liren Wang
  16. BeHomeToday

    BeHomeToday New Member

    Hi Liren. Thanks for the response. What I meant by can someone, is that at the time I was in EDC, no one was allowed to be in another company that had any similarity with EDC. If the owners found out someone was in another program, they would kick them out, and send an email to everyone letting them know about it. That just seemed kind of childish to me, it lacked professionalism.
  17. SirThomas

    SirThomas New Member

    Quoting: BeHomeTodayHi Liren. Thanks for the response. What I meant by can someone, is that at the time I was in EDC, no one was allowed to be in another company that had any similarity with EDC. If the owners found out someone was in another program, they would kick them out, and send an email to everyone letting them know about it. That just seemed kind of childish to me, it lacked professionalism.

    Let me correct this statement a little:

    EDC never kicked anybody out for being in another company that had any
    similarity with EDC. It only applied to " the same downloadable"
    products with the same compensation... and when you employ
    smear tactics (badmouthing) to get "new" enterprise going...

    That's why there are plenty of people in EDC who also promote
    other high ticket companies / one up/ two up/ hybrids or perpetual
    leverage plans...

    If you engage yourself in promoting "direct competition" - be prepared
    to get terminated by any company... This is nothing new, especially
    if your promo uses company's names [​IMG]

    I hope that clarifies things [​IMG]

    Good luck in your new venture!

    To Your Success,


    PS. I've only received TWO notifications about some terminations
    and that was to inform others about possible "smear' campaign..
  18. BeHomeToday

    BeHomeToday New Member

    Hi Thomas. Thanks for the reply. I have a friend in EDC, Brian Troiano, who is doing very well. He took a look at my company and wanted to join immediately, but said he would lose his position as an EDC Diamond. Maybe that's because my company is direct competition?
  19. SirThomas

    SirThomas New Member

    Hey Dave,

    That might be the case. I wouldn't be surprised at all. You need to
    preserve integrity of programs and companies we promote.

    The same rule applies to any other business. If you become a rep
    for one company, you can't be promoting their competition...

    That doesn't mean you can't be selling other product, services etc!

    As a matter of fact, EDC is putting together some serious re-sale
    and affiliate programs to help reps earn more money.
  20. rjmichaels

    rjmichaels New Member

    Are there any EDC members from
    South Africa. I'd like to know
    how you guys are doing in EDC.

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