Easy ways to drive traffic to your mlm business

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by biz2day, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. biz2day

    biz2day New Member

    Hi everyone l been on the net for 7 years now and here are some

    simple tips of how to get traffic to your site

    1) write articles on your ninch then link article to your blog

    2) post to craigslist but dont make it look spammy

    3) use hub-pages these get picked up by search engines quickly

    4) Yahoo Q & A again these are picked up by search engines

    5) Free classified adverts

    6) Use traffic exchanges (they are free)

    7) Text ad exchange credit based are best as people read the


    8) Use sites like Twitter if you post your URL the search engines

    pick them up

    The above is a few free ways, anyone else got suggestions

  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Great list - here is the recipe... pick a few of them and do it every day.[​IMG]
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Nice resource list.

    However, I never thought much of traffic exchange traffic. But it has its place, I suppose.
  4. StevenMale

    StevenMale New Member

    You forgot about forum posting! The thing we are all doing now [​IMG] Doing this can be fun as well, which helps when getting traffic.

    Also, you could use list builders, but these are pretty ineffective until you upgrade which does get quite costly.
  5. newpage

    newpage New Member

    I have an even easier solution for generating traffic.

    All it takes is typing in two sentences and then clicking
    on one button.

    And then there is another easy solution, as compared to
    the alternative, and that is to use one powerful piece of
    software that will create 200 search engine -
    traffic sucking websites in
    about 5 seconds. Then, simply repeat
    this step over and over
  6. trafficman

    trafficman Guest

    This is a great list of many tips that are out there.

    Website traffic is critical for business growth. When traffic to a website increases that is - more people show interest in your site - there is an automatic increase in business. There are many ways to improve website traffic some of which can be done free of cost while some do cost money. Search Engine Optimization is much talked about and has a corresponding amount of importance in driving website traffic upwards. It can be done free of cost.

    There are many SEO forums and articles on the net from where you can get detailed ways to search engine optimize your website. As you read about many ways to increase traffic you will find one of the best lies in the search engines and the targeted traffic that comes from them.
  7. work4freedom

    work4freedom New Member

    Does the traffic exchanges really work? I doubt that it converts..
  8. cas410

    cas410 New Member

    I've found traffic exchanges don't convert well at all,you've got to think why i'm i using them i.e.just to get more people to view my site,so most of us don't take much notice of other sites were just there for the credits,so there really a waste if time and energy,i used to use them get visits to my youtube channel to get my view count up which helped my videos,but now youtube have changed there policy,so this is a waste of time,your better putting your energy into articles,blogs and Free classified adverts
  9. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I agree that Free advertising works but it does take you a whole lot longer then if you would just go out there and promote for a fee.

    I still like PPC more then anything that I have done online.
  10. vinnymatrix

    vinnymatrix Guest

    Same for me... I believe traffic exchanges are not good to get leads... If your going on traffic exchanges to get leads it wont work because other members are doing the same. They are just surfing through your site just to get more credits.

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