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  1. tessa

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  2. karen

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    Hi Tess,

    I was looking at the very same thing myself and I am also unsure.
    I have sent them an email asking them if the drop shippers have price lists in euros and can the currnecy on the site purchased be changed to euros. I'll let you know if I find out more info

  3. malibumentor

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    The important thing to realize is that thesee pages look very generic and slick, which doesn't really stabd out anymore. You actually want your website to scream "UNIQUE", or at least that is my opinion.

    These are template sites with products attached to them. Marketing assistance is very generic, probably. You will need togive prospects a very compelling reason to visit and buy from your site, ie:

    -low prices, or

    -low prices, or

    -more low prices, or

    -a unique something about it ro about you and your reason for having your own online business.

    People buy from people, and if the sites are not set up in such a way that you can emphasize yourself, I wouldn't touch it with a long, long stick. Basically you have to give people a very compelling reason to change their buying habits... otherwise they won't.

    "buy from my online store so I can make some money" is not a compelling sales proposition. In any case, this will have you chasing family and friends telling them about the store. Not an attractive scenario.

    There is good news though. It IS infact possible to make money online, but you need to romance the customer. In my experience, slick is over-rated. Go with down-to-earth and real.
  4. zan

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    Hi everybody,

    Has anybody got the latest updates on easywebcreator.com? Or have you even bought the package? I'm very keen but I do not want to make the wrong move. At least I'll get some advice.

    Would very much appreciate your views. Thanks.

  5. mrsmdauty

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    I am also interested in this. I agree the site seems more like it just sells templates but there are drop shippers and they seem legit, if anyone can find a background that I can't seem to get because everything that comes up from them is from one of their own sites please post it here for us....
  6. Louise A

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    Hi ,

    I would like to get more informations about this opportunity.
    Questions to beginning with:
    Is this in UK only ?
    Can I work from anywhere ?
    Is it fully automated or need to speak to customer ?
    Address and phone number.
    References and testmonials.
    Income forecast.
    Do I need a monthly marketing budget ?........
    Thany you.
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    Getting targetted traffic is the difficult part of any online business
  8. Louise A

    Louise A New Member


    I would like to know if someone bought Easy Web Creator Online Business.
    I'm actually looking for the Resellers.
    Any good advices for me to look at.

    Thank you
  9. federline

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    I am very interested to know if anybody has made money using the drop shipper concept.

    As always it sounds to easy to be true; sell products on eBay without having to first purchase them, get them delivered and pocket the difference.

    I have been approached by a guy telling me he can help me make thosands doing this all I have to do is pay him ??2000 up front.

    I subscribed to SaleHoo and recieved their first coaching lesson which advised strongly against trying to import/sell designer goods as they will be forgeries and you will get sued.

    I then read their marketing blurb only to see them shouting about buying designer goods at low prices.

    Something is not right.

    Any feedback on drop shipping would be welcome.


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