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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by RedRobin, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    How do you choose what items to sell on eBay? Do you have a foolproof method? How do you decide the price you start the auctions at? I've been eBaying now for a while, and thought I might find some ideas to give my eBay store a extra boost in sales. Thanks!
  2. photomom04

    photomom04 New Member

    I just started with ebay a month ago or thereabouts and I am loving it! I don't think there are any foolproof methods. I have been watching some of the power sellers and they seem to just put up everything and anything.
    The only advice I can give and you probably already know this is to put really good keywords in your title. I start my auctions as low as possible but after getting some sneaky last minute bidders in a couple of auctions I now start them with a price that will at least cover the cost of fees and give me a min of a $1 profit. So for instance I sell a lot of 50 golf balls, they didn't cost me anything but it will cost me at least .70 to list them, I will start the bidding at $1.99, if someone gets them for that price I am out nothing and if they get bid up to $6 woohoo for me! [​IMG] One more thing, keep your shipping costs fair. I won't bid on an item that could go in a flat rate box for 7.70 and they want me to pay $15 shipping.

  3. microdermxuser

    microdermxuser New Member

    Start Asking people on forums what they buy on ebay. This will give you an idea. Also, I think you can find out what sells the most on ebay. I have done pretty well on ebay.
  4. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    I think the easiest is to start with products you know and expand from there. Then you can use pay services like Andale to find out what's hot and then add those products to your arsenal. That's what I've done for many years now and it's served me well. I still like to stick to a few core products. I don't really like selling a million things, but that's just me.

  5. shadowdncer

    shadowdncer New Member

    I became a powerseller in 3 months, the products I used were all related to music. The current most popular artists. for awhile you could sell anything that said clay Aiken on it.
  6. Vishal P. Rao

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  8. WhitePhoenix

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    I have found that if you put anything on eBay, someone, somewhere, will buy it.

    But if you're a seller, one of the best things you can do to increase your reputation is to pack your items with care and send shipments out asap. Include a thank you note with the purchase and ask the buyer to please post feedback for you.

    If there is any problem with a customer, fix it immediately, even if you have to pay extra shipping to send a replacement. Make sure that payment is received before you ship out items, and then post feedback for your buyer as well.
  9. toppix

    toppix New Member

    Just thought I'd tell you about a tool I'm using that seems to be working for me.

    I started using voice in my auctions a couple months ago and I experienced immediate results. My bids and profits have never been higher (and I've been selling on eBay for over 8 years)!

    If you're interested in using voice in your auctions or website, visit Sellers Voice [Affiliate link removed - Admin]
    Right now, they're offering a 3 week trial for only $1.

    Hope this helps!
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  10. bacpro

    bacpro New Member

    Beware the cost to sell on ebay, the thing that i found is that
    your cost could go through the roof and not sell anything. If you don't pay for getting top listing like gallery and all the other ways of getting seen your dead. Even if you post with the least amount of cost, you item goes to the back of the bus, #230,000. Who's going to look at your listing way back in that number., No body. At the end a month
    you get a bill from ebay and they are the only ones that made any money. Not you!

    If you have a big spending budget than I'd say yea you can make a lot of money, but without a big budget, forget it.
    Also beware of programs that make claims that they have the secrets. thats bull too. I've waste my money on this also.

  11. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    There's a wide variety of experiences here, but I do have to disagree with bacpro in that I never paid extra to have my listings highlighted or bolded.

    I inserted a picture with each item... the first picture is free - if I thought a second picture would be beneficial, I added it. But photomom04 made a very valid point. Your keywords is what gets people to see your item. Of course, there's lots of people who want to sell the same thing in some instances, so think of a better way to market your product that will get YOU that buyer. Offer a little token of something in appreciation for their winning bid.

    I personally never click on the highlighted items, only because I use descriptions and pictures as my guideline for buying. If the seller's comments about bidding, shipping and handling or anything else comes across as rude or arrogant, I click off their page.
  12. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I'm not "Ebay pro", but one thing you want to check out is the Ebay Completed Listings. You can type in specific products to see if they sell or not, and at what price. There is also something you can download which details what products sold on ebay on a seasonal basis for the previous 12 months.
  13. gabby

    gabby New Member

    Thought I would mention I've really increased my ebay sales by posting lots of items for sale. The volume increases traffic and the potential for buyers to view your other items and see something they might like. I learned that a certain % of items won't sell every week but the increased traffic is bringing in much more profit in sales than the add'l listing costs of the items that do not sell. Also, shopping for products with the best prices is key with all the competition on ebay.
  14. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member

    Quoting: gabbyThought I would mention I've really increased my ebay sales by posting lots of items for sale.

    Be careful when doing this! Unless you have an ebay store that includes a certain number of free listings every month or you have done your research you can lose a lot of fees to posting too many products with no experience as to what to list and how much to start the bidding at or set reserves, etc.
  15. tafkaga

    tafkaga New Member

    I make a living off eBay. Wasted a lot of money trying to do other things, but so far eBay is the one thing I've done that has really worked out for me. I even wrote a manual for how to set up a home business, how to find a product to sell, and where to get it. Check out the link in my signature if you'd like.

    The one thing I'd tell you is just don't give up. Keep doing your research and learning. It's a matter of trial and error, really. And don't trust ANYONE who says that you should be able to start out making big money your first month. 99.9% of the time it doesn't work that way.
  16. safeace

    safeace New Member

    I've tried so many sites for dropshipping especially sites like getestore.com , ibuildstar.com , worldwidebrands.com , realdealinformationpackage and castleofsavings.com. I've paid around 300 bucks to these sites. Wonder if somebody wants to get all these together.

    These site are good but ebay has really competitive prices.The only way you can make profit is by buying bulks from www.alibaba.com or globalsources.

    I've made decent profits with the dropshipping websites but I've ony sold around 20 products in 2 months.My username is dj_safe in ebay if anyone doesn't belive me.Good luck selling on ebay.
  17. bigpip

    bigpip New Member

    I remember back when eBay started...ah, the good ol' days...i made a killing selling radar detectors lol. but that was before the big boom. i gave up. ALTHOUGH...i've heard some interesting stuff about the "about me" page. anyone know about that?
  18. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

  19. bigpip

    bigpip New Member

    Quoting: Vishal P. RaoI think you are referring to this ebook - The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay

    Yes, that might be where I heard it. The only thing is that I don't use eBay this way. Have you tried this technique?
  20. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    No I haven't tried the technique bigpip. I just bought the ebook out of curiosity. In fact I haven't sold anything on eBay yet.

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