1. judyp

    judyp New Member

    This program is a cycler or money doubler. I'd never tried one of those before, they are in the "high risk" category but I started this one three weeks ago, and I'm pretty darn impressed so far. Here's what's happened to me:

    I invested $6. The minimum if you have e-gold is $2, it's $6.90 for Alertpay which is what I did (the 90 cents is a fee.) This was August 29th. As of today my $6 has turned into a total of $63. Most of that has been re-invested, the portion available for me to cash out as of today is $14.25. I expect to cycle out again before I hit the four week mark, and I should have about $24 profit (assuming most is again reinvested.) I haven't actually cashed out yet but you can do that at any time. I wanted to do this for one month/four weeks as a test to see how much I could make. My projection is that my $6 will be $24 in four weeks - which means I quadrupled my investment.

    Now here's the best part...... I HAVE ZERO REFERRALS. You do not need ANY referrals, none, zilch, nada, not one, and you will still make money. You CAN refer and you get 10% of your referral's original spends, but I have deliberately not even tried because I wanted to test this to see if you can make money with zero referrals, and you indeed can.

    The link (NOT a referal link - no!) is


    - Judy
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Let us know when you cash out and get the money
  3. judyp

    judyp New Member

    Well I decided to cash out the $14.25 - cashed out late Sunday afternoon and was paid within 48 hours.

  4. daylyn33

    daylyn33 New Member

    I joined up too, Judy - just waiting for the funds to transfer into my Alert Pay. I didn't realize I hadn't set it up to transfer funds from my bank account yet. I'll keep you posted on how it works out for me.

    (Oh, and I'm also joining under you for the $3 matrix.)
  5. Hulabird

    Hulabird New Member

    Hi, I'm in this program. Right now, its cycling every day an average of 90-100 positions. I purchase ad packs each day rather than all at once because if you do it that way, once your cycling number comes up, you will be cycling every day! I'm really impressed with the honesty of the admins of EBIZV. If you check them out in other WAH type forums, you will be hard pressed to find anybody with even the smallest complaint! [​IMG]

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