Efusjon Business Dead - Company Closes MLM Opportunity

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    I was just sent this and thought I'd share. This is just another reason why we share with people a system for generating multiple income streams simultaneously. Don't expect any one company or opportunity to be your life long success partner. If it happens great, but don't bank on it. There is no longer any guaranteed 40/40 plan for work or business and generating income.

    Good luck to all Efusjon reps with their future home business pursuits. Don't give up!

    "Efusjon Business Dead" Company Closes MLM Opportunity

    The End Of efusjon opportunity?

    Many of the reps on facebook were pushing efusjon energy club as the end of all businesses and promoting that business on the FRONT end. Sure you might have liked their efusjon energy drinks but as a business plan it just click with me and all the hype about a super facebook partnership that I never saw come together.

    Efusjon will continue to sell directly to the public but no longer can you make commissions from it which is just sad.

    Regardless of that, what do efusjon reps have to show for it? Some burned a lot of bridges and others are not stuck with boxes of the stuff. I know many reps who bought the products purely for the business and now the business is gone what happens to the product? Most will be donated and maybe even trashed?

    If your business right now requires you to buy MORE than you physically want on a monthly autoship is that what you really want to do? If your not making money and spending hard cash on a high end product at what point do you say no? From my experience it???‚¬?„?s 60-90 days. For those who made money what do you do now with your products and all of your teams products?"

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