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    Making quick changes to autoresponder series can make huge impact to revenue.
    Often, instead of focusing on SEO or paid advertising, the most important part is, expecially at the beginning, building in-depth relationship with individual subscribers by segmentating and automating email marketing series.
    You know, EMAIL is the only asset you can have: no matter of what Facebook, Twitter, think about your sell page, if you own the relationship with the subscribers, you can only focus on list building through social media platforms, instead of doing brutal sell which can expose you to be suddenly with your pants off due to facebook's terms ban.

    So here's some TIPS and STEPS:


    have to be related to the product you will try to sell after.
    I know it could pretty sounds obvious but it's often negleted.
    So you need a strong congruence in matching the giveaways with what your prospects are eventually going to be able to buy from you.


    First email is the most important one: if the prospect wont open it, surely you wont sell anything 99%.
    So : be simple. Don't use esclamation or claim: spam filter will take you away sooner.
    Write the real reason why people opted in: the giveaway.
    Subject has to sounds like that: "Your Fast List Building Blueprint", OR
    "Hey John, Your 7 Steps to Build a List Fast inside".

    So they will know exactly what to expect.
    So in the FIRST EMAIL: thank them for subscribing and GIVE them the link to download the Report/Video etc.
    In the first email, not in the second one. Provide them what you promise immediately.

    THAN introduce yourself, explaining why they have to trust you, related to the niche you are in.
    And MOST IMPORTANT: tell them the reason why you will mail them again in the next days/weelks.
    If you only give them the Report, there are no reason for opening the next emails. You have to anticipate what short and long term value you are going to deliver to them.
    Something like "in the next weeks im going to be sharing with you a step-by-step plan to boost your email conversions"

    Pre-framing what you are going to teach them is the best way to level up your open rates.
    You have to anticipate SHORT TERM benefit as LONG TERM benefit of opening your email.
    Like "im going to deliver you a 5 minute video of Lead Generation tomorrow and step by step guide to nurturing your new leads in the next few weeks".


    Check if the your product is coherent with your brand and then sell it.
    Dont be afraid: if you are an online entrepreneur, you have to sell.
    If you wanna know how, you better take a sell classes, or subscribe to Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, etc, newsletters :)
    TRICK: You can put the video at the top of the sell page, and then if the prospect wanna buy he'll scroll the page after the video and buy it.
    But in the email you talk only about the video: so it's a sort of indirect selling strategy.


    Sales Email should come after 2-3 mails of education and introducing yourself: BUT at the bottom of every page you link to (of course YOUR site's page, not somewhere else), you have to put a button or a text if someone wanna buy your product instantly.

    Dont let the money on the table!

    So, after introducing yourself, and the reason why they will rely on you, be logical:: after they opted in, what is the next logical thing you're goin to sell them?

    And, to the people who won't buy it (segmentation), what could u present to them that they can still buy?

    As example, if they didnt buy a 97$ product in 3-4 promotional emails, dont think they're not buyer. You can try with 27$ Pdf product, thats call downsell, and turn them into customers.
    AND If they still not buy, you can turn them into another autoresponder series, where you give them more value, and try to sell them a coaching program: maybe they don't want digital products, and they will be more responsive with a one-to-one or a class course.

    OF COURSE when someone buy the product you have to take him off the list, and put into another list, where maybe you can offer assistance and higher level coach or ticket value product.

    You have to think in terms of IF/THEN: if someone buy X what would you offer them after
    If someone DON'T buy X, What else would you do?

    Think also that most of the times, the customer who bought a product, dont have time to implement it, or study it: you can always offer a ready-to-use implementation, or a turnkey solution.
    For doing all these things you need an Autoresponder which allows you the automations: infusionsoft, ontraport, etc, and at cheaper price but same functionally ActiveCampaign

    LINKS in the EMAIL

    Put links in every email.
    The link HAS TO DESCRIBE what the reader will see after clickin on it: as an example, not write "click here" or "go to " BUT
    People wanna know if it is worth clicking your link.
    So write something like "Click here to see the Rapid List Building Strategy using Solo Ads"

    I hope it could be useful to all of you.

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