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  1. Mattathome

    Mattathome New Member

    I have just recently got into one very reputable Work at Home business opportunity and happened to notice a competitor in the market.

    Has anyone else looked into Emerald Passport and if so, what was your experience? To me it appears a little too good to be true, that all you should have to do is send a prospect to an online movie, and they will be sold on the idea of their opportunity.

    I think a little more personal connection is important. What are your thoughts?
  2. Kevin Thomasson

    Kevin Thomasson New Member

    I have been in network marketing for a couple of years now and would like to say BEWARE OF THE HYPE!

    I am now with EPI and have been since December 2004. I was able to turn my investment in this company into my full time income within my first 3 weeks.

    Prior to EPI I tried 3 other programs and did not even come close to generating an income, I ended up with disappointment and more bills.

    The only warning I have is to do your due diligence and find somebody that is truly interested in your success, No matter what the company may be. I have found that in this industry there are a lot of people making a lot of money who will tell you that you will be able to do the same but in reality those who are signing up 30 to 80 people a month have no time to ensure your success and help you in the long run, once they have your money you are on your own.

    If you are looking for a business opportunity, EPI has a viable & professional product with a lucrative compensation plan, But if you are coming into this industry based off the hype of the compensation plans or the automated systems you are in for a rude awakening. EPI is a great company but you will have to work if you want to succeed.

    As with any business venture, I strongly suggest you do your research, so you may be able to make an educated decision. This is a business and needs to be approached in a business matter. Before you impulsively jump into a business you need to find out what the person who is signing you up is going to do for you and for the extent of time they will be there for you to ensure your success.

    Know your options.

    Kevin Thomasson

    Emerald Passport
    Phase 1 / Phase 2 Director
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  3. Mattathome

    Mattathome New Member

    I guess my biggest hesitation in joining something along the lines of EPI is the fact it seems to require an advanced knowledge of internet marketing.

    Would it in fact be possible to create a substantial income with EPI without such knowledge?

    Matt Thompson
  4. Kevin Thomasson

    Kevin Thomasson New Member

    Hi Matt,

    You can create a substantial income without the knowledge of the internet but you will have to concentrate on buying leads or offline marketing.

    One of the advantages to working with the team I am a part of is that you will be given instructions on how to market on the internet or have your website optimized under chosen key words.

    The beauty of key word optimization is that once you are optimized on the front page you are there for good.

    I work with a professional who will get you optimized unlike most of the companies out there who are full of broken promises.

    The internet is not as hard as you may think the key is to work with someone who will tell you the truth as far as what key words to use and were to market.

    Best Regards,
    Kevin Thomasson

    Emerald Passport
    Phase 1 / Phase 2 Director
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  5. driver

    driver New Member

    looks like a very good product EPI offers, and I love the 2 up comp programs, nice to get into decent profit with only a few sales instead of having to recruit 100,s to make money in mlm, direct sales rocks,best of luck to you EPI reps
  6. qutgnt

    qutgnt New Member

    I have been with a few direct sales companies the past few years. I started my home based business life doing MLM's and gifting programs and quickly found out those were a waste of time, cost me a lot of money. I think that Liberty League is the leader in this industry. I was with them but decided to come over to Emerald Passport because of the product. It is a lot less phone work then LLI is, I believe that is why people fail with these opportunities. They are not able to handle the rejection that comes with sales. People get sold on the hype.
    I make it abundantly clear to everyone that joins me that this is not easy. It takes commitment, consistency and drive to have success here. But I firmly believe that in no other business can you invest so little and make so much so quickly. Good luck buying a Subway franchise for 200k or a Hollywood Tan for 250k or even a hot dog cart for 15k, and then at the end of the year making about 70k net after working 3000+ hours a year. Forget that.
    I think anyone can make money with any oppty as long as they believe in it, the system, and they are able to focus. I believe in the EPI oppty. The product I find actually very productive and educational. The system is simple. No oppty is ever fully automated. But I have had people who I have never spoken to before listen to the call and call me up basically ready to go. Very rare but it does happen. Another great selling point for EPI is the fact we are able to give out guest passes for the product, so people can take a test drive. No where else can you do that. They keep adding courses to it, and they do a good job with the training's. I know people come and go. My one good buddy left to go try PAS. He wishes he never did. He has blown about 7k in traffic paks for nothing. Again NOTHING IS AUTOMATED. Every sales company is about connecting with the customer.
    I tell people if you are truly looking at the opportunities on the market with big ticket items, you should pick either LLI if you are great on the phone or EPI if you are more concerned with a simple system and very good product. I have been with EPI for over a year and love it. Premier customer is where it is at. That is where the real money is made. I make sure every Premier customer I have is treated like a king and gets to the promised land as soon as possible. If you have any questions about anything I have said, feel free to call me. Please no reverse spammers trying to sell me as I will see right through it. All the best to everyone.


  7. qutgnt

    qutgnt New Member

    Great give and take here on this forum. I firmly believe you can make money with any opportunity out there, whether it be direct sales or even MLM. I prefer to work Direct sales as I prefer marketing big ticket items, where I don't need a huge team to make a 6 figure income. All of these endeavors aren't scams like so many wrongly claim. Everything in life has a markup and if people are willing to pay what you are asking and they see the value in it, then what is wrong with it. You must though be marketing a product that isnt a total scam.
    When you look at the direct sales home based business landscape out there you have a few options. You have PAS autowealth which I believe is a bunch of hot air. What is the product? How good are the ad packs? Anything that claims full automation is just totally bogus. Direct sales means SALES. It is about building relationships and attracting like minded individuals. I know a few people who have been involved here and just are not happy marketing nothing.
    Liberty League has been around for about five years. There product is a personal development home based study course. This does not appeal to the masses. LLI though has great training calls, a good corporate structure and has been around the longest. Yet you need to be a master on the telephone to have success and duplication. You really don't have many other tools to utilize and hence it is tough for people to come in and have success with, especially when they don't see value in the product.
    Coastal Vacations has also been around a while. While the product is something people can relate to it just seems to flimsy, so many stipulations for when you can use the certificates, etc. I also have friends that were in that and didn't have much success. But again that does not mean you cannot have success either.
    Emerald Passport, I believe is the best in the industry. They are very similar to LLI but they have a product that I believe is far superior to LLI. The passport to prosperity is practical useful information that does educate people in variuos areas such as wealth creation, entrepreneurship, personal development, master negotiation, and so on. You do get good value from the product and many people are very happy with what they get. Sure some of the info might be elementary, and sure you can find some of it in the library, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't buy college classes if we can just go to the library and crack open a calculus book, does it? EPI has the perfect blend of product and system. Sure it is not totally automated, again nothing totally is. But at least you have ways of getting people the info that isn't predicated on totally being on the telephone.
    When you add up the system and the compensation plan, and the product I think you have by far the best oppty out there. They also are not afraid to show people the product, with the advent of the guest pass. You cannot find that anywhere else with any other company. That to me is a huge selling point. EPI just also introduced Phase 3 and that is a work in progress, but I think they will soon catch up to Liberty League in amount of six figure a month earners. Being a Premier customer right off the bat is where it is at I believe. Those that come in and just come in at Phase 1 usually dont have much success. The big earners are all Phase 2. Being serious, commited, and consistent is the key. I have to have at least 40-50 movie view leads per week to be able to earn what I want to earn. If anyone wants to take advantage of becoming a Premier customer and the reduced price and qualification I highly implore they get in the game! If you would love to discuss this further feel free to contact me.

  8. epireferrer

    epireferrer New Member

    I agree that Emerald Passport is the best home based business in the industry. I am only 20 years old and can't wait to have enough money to get in the business. I refer people to a Phase 2 Director and if they come in at Phase 2 he rewards me with some nice cash I am saving up to come aboard. For those that are looking at this business and interested, he will allow you to become a Premier customer for $4995 opposed to the $6530 or so that is usually needed for both Phase 1 and Phase 2. I was supposed to sign up a friend for this deal but he backed out, so you can take the place of this friend. If interested please email me for more details as this is an awesome way to take advantage of this business.
  9. nafenisr

    nafenisr New Member

    To add to my previous post, one should consider carefully which director they choose to get involved with. Also, don't expect to make any money unless you are a STRONG closer, since getting people to part with thousands of dollars over the phone is not easy, no matter how great the automated video and other tools are used. Expect to work very hard when you're getting started.
  10. qutgnt

    qutgnt New Member

    I totally agree with you . Being good over the phone does help but all of this information can easily be learned with posture, practice, and experience. There are only 5 or 6 questions a prospect can ask, and if you know the answers before hand you are set. The director though cannot do the work for the person coming aboard. They can guide and assist. This is just a numbers game, move people through the system and sales will come out at the end because as stated before EPI has the BEST product in the marketplace (most others have no product), plus a system that is very automated ( I have many who go through the info before I even contact them over phone) and simple for the layman to duplicate. It is not simple, but with consistency and commitment ANYONE can make money with EPI. I love closing and discussing this business. Feel free to contact me at any time. Nothing beats getting bank wires for 6561 hitting your account! It could happen for you to.

  11. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I recently spoke with 3 individuals who regreted their involvement with EPI. All three felt they had been recruited by people who were only interested in getting their money and would not make the time to mentor them seriously in the details of being effective marketers and the dynamics of phone work.

    What is the trend? You tell me. It begs the question - what is the responsibility of the recruiter?

    Too often in this industry individuals are recruited who are not qualified to do the work because the have no background in relevant fields or lack the self-confidence. Too many heavy hitting recruiters posture themselves as being too busy to help their people. Yeah, everybody wants the dough, but where is the sense of responsibility?

    Somebody gives me a thousand dollars and you better believe I am going to advise them very candidly on how they can best market their business with the resources they have.

    Fact is lots of people at the edge of bankruptcy come in at the basic $1000.oo level in these companies and are dropped by their recruiter like they have a disease. Where is the real compassion to assist these people to build a better life for their families?

    Go ahead, roast me.
  12. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    In light of recent developments in the automated marketing world, EPI and Profit masters are starting to look fairly dated... EPI will no doubt be scrambling to ad a call center or something similar.

    Still there is a truckload of money to be made with this program. I'm not in it so I really don't have the inside scoop. EPI has added a 3rd level product and Liberty League is adding a 4th in 2008 (with a $25000 price tag... WHAT!!! ) and there is an unsubstantiated rumor that LLI is moving offshore. Who knows

    LLI is introducing in-house improvements ( always one of its strengths) such as autodialers and configurable autoreponders. Most LLI folks used other autoresponders because the in-house ones sucked big time. Autodialers? Possibly they will work okay, but the legal issues are so, so sticky that they may be off the market by this time next year. We shall see.

    People are really, it seems, looking for programs where they don't have to call people and can just focus on marketing. This trend actually illustrates the similarity between EPI and LLI, that these are both systems where you have to personally call your leads and establish a repoir to make a sale.

    I don't mind doing that personally, because I have the skills, but I have recently added a system where other people make the calls and close the sales to my portfolio and I gotta say, that is the future of high-dollar Direct Sales.
  13. wealthambition

    wealthambition New Member

    Like any other business, Emerald Passport requires work.

    As for the real secret to the business not many people talk about... well, like anything else it comes down to the marketing.

    So for people that don't understand the marketing, or expect to just buy leads, then you really want to develop the ability to close.

    But if you understand marketing -- or work with a director who can teach you specifically how YOU can do marketing for youself -- then it becomes a simple business.

    The more you focus on marketing, the more hoops you can get prospects to go through. The first hoop is the movie system. Let the system work and DISQUALIFY people so you don't end up talking to people who can't afford this business.

    Personally, because of my background in internet marketing, I create a custom entry page and generate my own leads, which gives me a much higher closing ratio than most everybody else.

    Marketing and Sales are like 2 kids playing on a teeter-totter. The less you know about marketing, the more you need to play the sales game, which is unfortunately a "numbers game." The more you focus on marketing, the less time you spend selling.

    And the real goal is to develop those people into leaders.

    Emerald Passport has changed my life is so many ways. I'm willing to show the details for anyone who contacts me directly at 416-429-3273.

    Andrew Murray
    Phase 3 Director in Emerald Passport

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    PS - Watch out for people offering discounts. Not only is it a sign of an unethical marketer -- and there are a few here as everywhere else -- but it shows an inability to compete. And that is NOT somebody you want as a leader if you are planning on building a real business with Emerald Passport.
  14. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Right on Andrew, I had never seen it put that way. By doing the right kind of marketing we find ourselves talking to more serious closeable people.

    I really can't agree that LLI or PAS are more saturated than EPI. EPI has been promoted to death all over the net by guys claimings its the best oppportunity out there...which it is for some people.

    PAS itself has some issues that make it challenging for many newcomers to promote... I have spoken to a bunch of people who invested their money in PAS and couldn't make a dime at it, buying traffic packs and believing the myth of total automation.

    For those with the grey matter to become effective marketers its still an OK option but I never saw PAS as a workable system myself... there are too many holes in the presentation.

    I never seriously considered PAS for that reason. At a different time I might have chosen to promote EPI, but no longer... I recently read they have a draconian rule forbidding the promotion of other income opportunities at the same time... big-time turn-off for me personally since I see no reason that my same marketing efforts should not promote products which serve different areas of the marketplace.

    The viability of call centers with professional sale closers has been proven by the PAS model and 1-step. Its clearly the solution that stay-at-home moms, shy folk and people with poor English have been waiting for, BUT....

    The next obstacle to real success for anyone in these opportunities was the bundling of thorough, ongoing training in marketing. It wasn't until such a program emerged that I saw the reason to promote a program with a call center, and its not PAS, 1-step, or Coastal.

    I can market, I love it... but it is essential that anybody who joins a program have access to the same bang-up marketing education that makes success attainable for anybody who follows direction.
  15. livingmydreams247

    livingmydreams247 New Member

    My mentor in another business opportunity is in EPI and has made ALOT of money in that program. I also know another gentleman that is also making a significant income with EPI. I think its important to do your own due dilligence as with any program and once you've made your decision, commit to it. With that said, there's a couple givens...#1 It doesn't happen over night, so position yourself where you can maintain your current level of activity, until those efforts start to yield enough profit to invest in the next step. ....#2 Be a stickler and follow the process to the letter..... and finally, believe in yourself, your decision and remember you'll constantly have some new challenge to overcome, so do it with poise.


    PAS & COASTAL Vacations for $175!!!!
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  16. frankykeys

    frankykeys New Member

    Is profitMasters the same as Emerald Passport?
  17. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Its a marketing platform for EPI. Its intended for use only in selling the EPI product. Generally it attempts to entice people into your autoresponder by offering a movie "ticket" as incentive. There are two movies (you choose which your visitors will see):

    - one is really obnoxious IMO and aimed at greedy people.

    - the other targeted at people who are looking for financial freedom and a better life.

    If the visitor is really excited they will request a callback from you, the EPI associate.

    It has some weaknesses but its a good starting point for EPI associates looking to drive traffic to a lead capture site with paid advertising. Its fairly useless from an SEO perspective, so if you want to take that route you will need to filter your ProfitMasters prospects through an optimized website.

    Its a good place to start if you are keen to pay for your traffic. Leads generated with movies may be inclined to join your business impulsively if you call them fast, so its important to be prepared to close the prospect on the spot.
  18. wealthambition

    wealthambition New Member

    Emerald Passport is a business. It requires work and the development of new skills.

    People fail because they don't have the self-discipline to follow through, or because they don't get the proper training.

    The first one is up to you, but for the second, my wife and I have created a whole online training center and community infrastructure.

    Be sure you will get support from your sponsor no matter what decision you make, Matt.

    Andrew Murray
  19. seeker

    seeker New Member

    While I was doing my research I decided to meet them and. I went to their Super Saturday event last year in Vegas. I recommend you to go to their Super Saturday event in Dallas this year.
    Once I called one of their top income earner and asked advice on money making. I was so impressed with the conversation, I couldn't believe - there a such people even exist. The person on the call shared exactly how she is getting leads, and what actually works.

    If you go to their events, or it happens that u in Dallas in September - visit them and chat. Otherwise you may spend too much time to read about it. Actually at this very moment my friend who is with emerald passport already making income and he told me that they have a brand new site and new system. just key in Google " best emerald passport" and go to first non paid site. Actually on new [Link removed - Admin] that person I spoke with on the phone is giving an interview.
  20. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    Quoting: wealthambitionEmerald Passport is a business. It requires work and the development of new skills.

    People fail because they don't have the self-discipline to follow through, or because they don't get the proper training.

    I couldn't agree more with these statements.

    The biggest reason people fail most of the time is that they give up too soon... some are just a step from crossing the line from failure to success, but they give up.[​IMG]

    If they just would've stuck with it a little longer, they could've become a huge success story. You've got to commit to building it and not expect it too happen overnight, it may... but don't expect it to!

    Just focus on the work and the results will take care of themselves.


    Brian McCoy
    McCoy Marketing Group

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