Emphasize These 3 Things To Market Your Business

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by neonguy528, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. neonguy528

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    I doubt if you will hear these anywhere else online. If so, please email the link to prove it. Use the following 3 things in your marketing to perspective customers, stand out from your competition, and see what happens. (1) How can a product or service make me money. (2) How can a product or service save me money. (3) How can a product or service improve my life. I use these in my marketing strategies. Good luck.[​IMG]
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    Find a need and fill it. Look for HUNGRY buys who are willing to open their wallets and spend on what ever you are selling them.

  3. neonguy528

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    OK, I will clarify this: Show your customer how your products or services can 'save them money', or perhaps 'make them money', or 'improve their life'. Is that not a good strategy?
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    If you are into just direct sales then you are on point.

    As to network marketing, show me a comp-plan that is simple, and powerful enough to allow the average person to succeed and grow their own network, and you will make substantial monthly residual income.

    The "greatness" of the product is not on the top of the list, contrary to what most have been talk about making money in network marketing.
  5. neonguy528

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    Right on Cash Man. Great points as always.

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